The number of older single travelers is on a steady growth curve.

Follow these tips for successful solo travel

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer REGION - Don’t mistake older travelers as always similar to the average tourist. Solo senior travelers also have different requirements...
The remains of the Boston and Maine railroad bridge in Hudson.

Assabet River Rail Trail keeps pace with growing communities

By Maureen Sullivan, Contibuting Writer MARLBOROUGH – To walk, to run, to bike without dealing with traffic. To enjoy the seasons, a few moments to relax,...
Ice slides are another fun feature at New Hampshire Ice Castles in North Woodstock. Photo/Sandi Barrett

Ice Castles are an enchanting winter destination for the entire family

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer REGION - Tucked away in North Woodstock, N.H., is a frozen fairytale castle perfect for a family gathering. From toddlers...
The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River is both a bed-and-breakfast and a museum. Photo/Frank C. Grace (Courtesy of Lizzie Borden Museum Facebook page)

Unusual museums make for some offbeat outings

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer REGION - Massachusetts, in part because of its long-standing history, has long been a bastion of significant and important museums....
The Forest Hills Cemetery offers a mixture of history, art, and beautiful landscapes. Photo/Billie-Jo Gauley

Boston’s Forest Hills Cemetery a fascinating destination for history, landscape, and art

By Peg Lopata, Contributing Writer BOSTON - It certainly can’t be denied that the mountains might be the place to go on a fall day...
The monument commemorating the black Union soldiers of the 54th Regiment by Augustus Saint-Gaudens is regarded as a masterpiece.

Black Heritage Trail highlights how Boston became an abolition hotbed

By David Wilkening Contributing Writer BOSTON - Sure sounds like a movie: Starting out, an enslaved couple, Lewis and Harriet Hayden escape from Kentucky. They turn...
Red Sox great David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in July. Photo/Milo Stewart/National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Cooperstown beckons with the National Baseball Hall of Fame

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer REGION - Baseball, our beloved national pastime, springs to life just a few hours’ drive from Central Massachusetts. Cooperstown is...
Participation from two- to three-month-old baby goats add a fun dimension to yoga classes. Photo/Sandi Barrett

Goat yoga on a farm makes for an adventurous getaway

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer SOUTH NEW BERLIN, NEW YORK - The stillness of morning and a lulling background of cheerful chirping is disturbed by...
A tank demonstration weekend will be held August 13-14 at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson.

Hudson museum offers a unique, immersive historical experience

By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer HUDSON - If you are looking for a genuine interaction with history, be sure to visit the American Heritage Museum...
After you cross the Charles River, Moody Street offers a wide diversity of eateries on the city’s “Restaurant Row.”

Find time to enjoy the charms of the ‘Watch City’

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer Waltham - “Watch City” is a common nickname for Waltham. It can be traced to the industry that started here...