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“No one has ever doubted my talent as an actor,” says Tori Clay, who has struggled to get work since coming out as a transgender woman six years ago. Photo/Jane Keller Gordon

Transgender actor frustrated by lack of roles

By Jane Keller Gordon, Contributing Writer SOMERVILLE - Born Victor Campisi, as Vic Clay he met success as an actor, but life has been tougher...
The virtual reality (VR) experiences offered by Somerville-based Rendever have shown to be beneficial in reducing social isolation and chronic loneliness among seniors.

Seniors embrace company’s virtual reality experience

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer SOMERVILLE - When CEO Kyle Rand began his technology start-up Rendever in 2016, virtual reality (VR) was still primarily associated...
With a little preparation and forethought, winter weather can be enjoyed in safety and health.

Be prepared for cold weather health challenges

By R. R. Fletcher, Contributing Writer REGION - Cold weather can be challenging. And the fall and winter climate in Massachusetts requires special care and...
MCAD’s agency team of attorneys and judges are experts in discrimination law, according to H. Harrison, executive assistant to the commissioners. Photo/Submitted

State’s discrimination commission can be a valuable resource for older adults

By Debbie Spingarn, Contributing Writer BOSTON – Though some older Bay Staters are retiring early, many are continuing to work out of need or want....
New Bedford was once the wealthiest city on the planet, per capita, during its whaling heyday. Now scallops are the catch that its fishing industry focuses on. Photo/Courtesy of New Bedford Whaling Museum

New Bedford tells a whale of a tale

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer NEW BEDFORD - Soon after his latest book was published in 1851, former mariner Herman Melville must have felt like...
Roberto Mighty of Holden is producer and host of the new public television series “getting dot OLDER”. Photo/Celestial Media LLC

Holden producer/host documents ‘getting older’ on public television

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Culture Editor HOLDEN – Roberto Mighty of Holden hadn’t given much thought to aging until he turned 50. That’s when eye...
Daniel Faucher is known for creating distinctive bridal gowns.

Boston fashion designer got his start at an early age

By Kelley Walker Perry, Contributing Writer BOSTON - As a boy in upstate New York, Daniel Faucher raced other neighborhood children on bicycles to St....
Carl the Cardinal stands shrouded in snow. Photo/Submitted

For Marlborough couple, bird sculpture brings joy

By Jane Keller Gordon, Contributing Writer MARLBOROUGH - Carl the Cardinal’s life has had its ups-and-downs.  First, he was a tree. Then, he was a seven-foot-tall...
Paul Tucker with his signage at Hudson Town Hall.

Marking 35 years of creating signage for downtown Hudson

By Ed Karvoski, Culture Editor HUDSON – Paul Tucker continues to create signs that complement the architecture of many businesses, nonprofits and landmarks in downtown...
Navigating through the maze of caregiver agencies is time consuming and tough for the patient and his or her family. Start things off right by being organized

Do your homework before choosing a caregiver agency

By Janice Elizabeth Berte, Contributing Writer  REGION - When an individual or family decides to seek out caregiving services, they must ask themselves many questions....