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Cutting your own Christmas tree at a place like Taproot Tree Farm in Stow, pictured here, can turn holiday preparations into a fun family outdoor adventure. Photo/Submitted

Cut your own tree for an old-fashioned Christmas adventure

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer Cutting your own Christmas tree at a place like Taproot Tree Farm in Stow, pictured here, can turn holiday...

Fifty Plus Advocate December 2022

Access to 16 different Cape Cod beaches makes Dennis an attractive retirement destination.

Retiring in Massachusetts is attractive, but can be costly

By Sharon Longo Contributing Writer REGION - Massachusetts has its pros and cons when it comes to retiring here. Some data shows it to be an...
Traits that make a good executor are someone who is trustworthy, organized, empathetic, fair and unbiased, and dependable.

Organization a key trait to being a good executor

By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer REGION - The role of an executor for a someone’s estate holds a lot of responsibility. It is important for...
Keeping your hands strong through proper care and exercise can help slow the decline of strength and improve flexibility.

Take care of your hands to maintain strength and flexibility

By Peg Lopata, Contributing Writer REGION - Are jars getting tighter?  What’s happening? Not so handy anymore? If you find yourself feeling pain or stiffness in...
Children and adolescents with selective mutism often struggle to fine their voices in unfamiliar settings or with less familiar people due to anxiety.

Does a child you know and love have selective mutism?

By Sharon Longo Contributing Writer REGION - Any grandparent or great-aunt or uncle knows how much fun it is to visit with their grandchild, great-niece or...
Some people choose to connect with friends and/or family to help with the grieving process, while others might seek solitude.

Dealing with grief can involve a variety of approaches

By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer REGION - There is something so debilitating about dealing with a loss, whether it’s sudden or expected. The range of...
The results of a national study indicate that people who read books for an average of 30 minutes a day live nearly two years longer than their non-book-reading peers.

Study ties reading books to longer life

By Colin McCandless, Contributing Writer     REGION - If you want to stay healthy and live longer, research shows that eating a nutritious diet and maintaining...
A display of spoons in progress show the various stages from block of wood to finished product. Photo/Sandi Barrett

Discover the art of spoon carving

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer REGION - When you find a small, beautiful block of wood, is your first thought―that would make a great spoon?...
Spokesperson David Ortiz cooking a healthy meal.

eternalHealth offers a unique choice for Medicare members

By Liz Nolan Contributing Writer REGION - Healthcare can be complicated and expensive, especially for those eligible for Medicare. Boston-based eternalHealth’s founder Pooja Ika is determined...