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Ten day trips throughout New England

For her first day trip in retirement, Marie Esteves took her chances at Foxwoods Casino Resort. It was always the center’s most popular day trip, which she scheduled at least three times a year.

The Top of the Hill Gang just won’t sit still

Men and women over 50 who are looking for increased social connections in an athletic and sporting setting have come together in The Top of the Hill Gang of New England (http://www.tohg.org/). They gather and enjoy one another’s company year round, “sharing common interests that nourish our love of being active and having fun.” They ski, hike, bike, travel and socialize together. They play golf, tennis, kayak and do hosteling, enjoy social events including dinner dances, clambakes, riverboat rides and game nights. They go to cultural venues such as museums and musical concerts.

Why traveling to states with rigid restrictions is the safest vacation

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer New England - Road tripping is the new travel adventure, and now that New England states are easing restrictions, it’s...

Namibia, a real jungle adventure

A pride of lions feasts on the body of a rhinoceros as dozens of zebra, antelope and other animals look on. Dwellers in simple mud-plastered shelters live much as their ancestors did centuries ago.

After cleanup from devastating hurricanes, U.S. Virgin Islands are ready to welcome visitors once...

U.S. Virgin Islands  - Our regular travel writer Victor Block is in the U.S. Virgin Islands gathering information for a future story about that...

Genealogy tourism is a fast-growing trend

Planning a visit to Poland, where his ancestors had lived, Bernard Janicki went online and tracked down the parish priest in the village where his mother had been born. When he arrived in that small town, the pastor helped him examine church records dating back to the early 20th century.

Mynamar – centuries of history, culture and beauty

By Victor Block Part 2 of 2   My first surprise was that a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Me-un-mahr) speaks enough English to have a conversation....

Mynamar – centuries of history, culture and beauty

By Victor Block Part 1 of 2        I was 3,000 feet high, floating in a hot air balloon over a vast plain dotted with...

For a ‘spiritual’ day trip, visit Cassadaga

By Victor Block As my wife Fyllis and I contemplated our visit to a tiny town in Florida, the choices we faced were as intriguing...

Savannah comes to life through stories, history

Savannah may conjure thoughts of John Berendt’s 1994 book and subsequent movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, about a murder that took place in the Mercer House.