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Serene Bonaire, a Diver’s Paradise with flamingos

On a slow ascent to the surface of the water from 60 feet down, the dive master spots something thrilling along the reef and extends her hand with all five fingers wiggling excitedly. It is a signal that can mean only one thing: Octopus!

Hitting the road for vacation? Think RVs!

The latest fad with the 50-plus generation is taking a recreational vehicle for vacation instead of getting hotels. It is a way of getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities and getting back to the small town scenic view. With more time available, you can take longer trips to see more of the country instead of flying over it and being rushed. You get to explore places you have only seen in magazines and on television. Being able to control your destination has become the ultimate trip. This is a way of testing the waters to see if you want to sell your house and be on the road full time.

Miami’s colorful neighborhoods beckon

A rooster strolls by colorful storefronts where vendors hack pieces of sugar cane, which passers-by purchase and chew to extract the sweet juice.

Scary creatures (real or imagined) from around the world

With Halloween approaching, witches, goblins and other scary creatures – real or imagined – will be on many people’s minds. And soon at their front doors, demanding a “Trick or Treat.”

Chincoteague, where the ponies roam free

Mention Chincoteague Island, Virginia, and you’re likely to be asked, “Isn’t that where those ponies are?” The answer is “yes.”

Martha’s Vineyard: A Way of Life

It took scant minutes after arriving on Martha’s Vineyard to get a fix on what the island is all about.

After cleanup from devastating hurricanes, U.S. Virgin Islands are ready to welcome visitors once...

U.S. Virgin Islands  - Our regular travel writer Victor Block is in the U.S. Virgin Islands gathering information for a future story about that...

Charlottesville offers art, culture, history

The gracious mansion is a perfect example of an 18th-century gentleman’s country estate. Its 33 rooms are filled with elegant furniture and architectural touches imported from Europe.

Chester and York, offer glimpses of British history

In Chester, England, guests at a medieval inn often claim they see the ghost of a woman looking for her lover who was killed during a 17th-century battle.

Exploring our country’s smaller national parks

Hear the words “national park,” and you’re likely to picture soaring landscapes and vast vistas.
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