The Fruitlands Museum in Harvard offers a snapshot of the transcendentalist movement that focused on subsistence farming and individual self-reliance. Photo/Sandi Barrett

Exploring Harvard’s former transcendentalist community

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer HARVARD - In this pastoral town sits the scenic Fruitlands Museum. The Fruitlands offers visitors a snapshot of the transcendentalist...

Maryland’s All-American Road: An historic journey through time

This is a story about a road less traveled because progress, in the form of major interstate highways, passed it by.

Cyprus offers history, culture and beauty

Women who live in a tiny mountain village sit together sewing lace tablecloths, which are famous for their beauty and fine workmanship. In a city not far away, diners at sidewalk cafes enjoy their fill of grilled pork, baked lamb and other local favorite foods. A white sand beach is the main attraction for people who are more interested in getting a tan rather than their fill of tasty treats.

Myrtle Beach is more than just golf

Myrtle also has history-rich towns, reminders of southern plantation life and intriguing cultural tidbits.

From bombsite to beach town

An ironic side to the story is that because of the decades of Navy presence on the island, much of its natural beauty has remained intact.

Namibia, a real jungle adventure

A pride of lions feasts on the body of a rhinoceros as dozens of zebra, antelope and other animals look on. Dwellers in simple mud-plastered shelters live much as their ancestors did centuries ago.
Ice slides are another fun feature at New Hampshire Ice Castles in North Woodstock. Photo/Sandi Barrett

Ice Castles are an enchanting winter destination for the entire family

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer REGION - Tucked away in North Woodstock, N.H., is a frozen fairytale castle perfect for a family gathering. From toddlers...
The monument commemorating the black Union soldiers of the 54th Regiment by Augustus Saint-Gaudens is regarded as a masterpiece.

Black Heritage Trail highlights how Boston became an abolition hotbed

By David Wilkening Contributing Writer BOSTON - Sure sounds like a movie: Starting out, an enslaved couple, Lewis and Harriet Hayden escape from Kentucky. They turn...
With a bit of planning, most older individuals can remain active and safe in their RV Photo by Shutterstock

Three simple changes to your RV to help keep you safe on the road

By R. R. Fletcher, Contributing Writer In Massachusetts, RV sales topped $69.8 million in 2020, according to the RV Industry Association (RVIA), and the average age...
A statue of Mercy Otis Warren stands outside the Barnstable County courthouse.

Cape Cod’s Mercy Otis Warren is the country’s almost-forgotten ‘first lady’

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer BARNSTABLE - Everyone’s heard of George Washington, known to most as ”The Father of his Country.” But who knows his...