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Mynamar – centuries of history, culture and beauty

By Victor Block Part 2 of 2   My first surprise was that a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Me-un-mahr) speaks enough English to have a conversation....

Mynamar – centuries of history, culture and beauty

By Victor Block Part 1 of 2        I was 3,000 feet high, floating in a hot air balloon over a vast plain dotted with...

Turning 60 at Disney World frees the inner child

My birthday present to myself was to turn a blind eye to calories. So I ate and drank (no driving) with reckless abandon.

Relax or play hard in the Dominican Republic

Many people picture the Dominican Republic as a place of golden sand beaches and inviting all-inclusive resorts. While there are many such settings, we had other things in mind during our recent visit.

New Zealand: Magnificence in miniature

The hiking trail winds through a lush rain forest. Only a trickle of sunlight makes its way through the thick tree canopy above, from which a chorus of birds entertains with a symphony of song.

England’s Lake District filled with charm and history

When I arrived in the northwest corner of England which prompted poets and other writers to wax so eloquently, it didn’t take long to understand why.

Jamaica – much more than just resorts

A beach in Negril. Photos/submitted By Victor Block One meal my wife Fyllis and I will long remember was a gourmet five-course candle-lit dinner served in a...
Participation from two- to three-month-old baby goats add a fun dimension to yoga classes. Photo/Sandi Barrett

Goat yoga on a farm makes for an adventurous getaway

By Sandi Barrett, Contributing Writer SOUTH NEW BERLIN, NEW YORK - The stillness of morning and a lulling background of cheerful chirping is disturbed by...

Sicily- a place of great beauty, history, food and wine

“You can steal my money but not my food.”  “If you want things to go exactly as planned, don’t come here.” Those words spoken by my Overseas Adventure Travel tour guide in Sicily, who actually loves his homeland, tell a lot about it.

Cheese, truffles and history: Treasure hunting in Piemonte

The platter was covered with what resembled small piles of leaves from a fall lawn raking. The brown, green and black heaps hardly invited sniffing, much less tasting. Yet sniff and taste I did.