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New Bedford was once the wealthiest city on the planet, per capita, during its whaling heyday. Now scallops are the catch that its fishing industry focuses on. Photo/Courtesy of New Bedford Whaling Museum

New Bedford tells a whale of a tale

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer NEW BEDFORD - Soon after his latest book was published in 1851, former mariner Herman Melville must have felt like...

Take the time to plan for healthy travel

By Dr. David Rideout The busy summer travel season is just a few short months away, and many of you have spent some time and...

Walt Disney World keeps the experiences fresh

By Sondra Shapiro LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — As a Walt Disney World (WDW) frequent visitor, I am continually surprised how my experiences are different each...

Dover, Delaware, a way of life preserved

Dressed in their distinctive “plain people” attire, the Amish offer for sale a variety of fresh-baked breads and pies, homemade fudge and other hard-to-resist, diet-busting foods.

Uganda offers a different kind of life

Enjoying a hot shower, buying meat at a market or strolling through a village may seem like commonplace occurrences. But in the African country of Uganda, these experiences are likely to be unlike life as you’re used to living it.

China revisit offers glimpses into past, present

Billboards that recently touted the benefits of socialism now advertise designer clothes and the latest electronic gadgets.

Exploring the Czech Republic: Prague

Most visitors to the Czech Republic confine their stay to Prague, and with good reason. Known as “the city of a hundred spires,” although it’s actually decorated by nearly a thousand towers and steeples, it challenges the most magnificent capitals of Europe in its beauty, and boasts a history that stretches back over a millennium. In addition, since the Middle Ages Prague (Praha) has been recognized as one of the most vibrant cultural settings on the continent.

Chincoteague, where the ponies roam free

Mention Chincoteague Island, Virginia, and you’re likely to be asked, “Isn’t that where those ponies are?” The answer is “yes.”

Funky trip into rural Virginia’s past

By Victor Block MADISON COUNTY, VA — The intersection of two narrow roads that is the closest thing to the center of Syria, Virginia— population about...
Fort Delaware reeneactor

Wilmington – history, art, and culture

By Victor Block, Travel Writer The contrast between members of the du Pont family who settled in Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding Brandywine Valley at...