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Condition of nation’s healthcare is making her sick

But when it comes to making me feel the harsh reality of advancing age, nothing compares with those yearly increases in my health insurance premiums.

Land of the mouse encouraging, rewarding volunteerism

Once a month, I take time out of my busy work and personal schedule to supervise the flow of individuals who, without the extra food, would not get proper nutrition and, in some cases, would go hungry. I have been a volunteer at that food pantry for more years than I can remember.

Without a supportive culture, caregivers don’t have a chance

Until a year-and-a-half ago, Kathi Bailey, 47, felt like an “Oreo cookie.” She was sandwiched between the responsibilities of taking care of her cancer-stricken mother and meeting the needs of her two teenagers, her husband and her full-time job.

Good friends offer safe harbor through life’s journey

Friendship is the first word that comes to mind as I reflect on the last decade. When I ushered in the millennium at Walt Disney World, the big Y2K scare wasn’t a concern for me. Rather, I was enjoying the moment, surrounded by dear friends.