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Get ready for National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

By Janice Lindsay It’s only March, but we all need time to get ready. April 1 is the beginning of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month....
Janice Lindsay

Those words we love to hear

By Janice Lindsay What are your favorite words? I don’t mean famous sets of three biggies, like “Goodness, Truth, Beauty” or “Faith, Hope, Charity” or “Truth,...

Sometimes we need comfort food

A chef, an acquaintance, told me he was working at a busy small café where they offered gourmet-type sandwiches like roast beef with horseradish...

Monstrous races

By Janice Lindsay “We never saw those people, we don’t know them, we’ve never been where they live, they’ve never been here, so obviously they...

Wisdom and old age go hand in hand

Instead of noticing the fresh air, azaleas or budding trees, I was intently listening to my friend, who was sharing what she had just learned — the secret to maintaining her sanity.

Happy 60th anniversary to an inspirational couple

They still hold hands. They think of the other one first in every situation. She butters his toast and makes up his plate before her own.

‘Mom, do you know my name?’

By Janice Elizabeth Berte It all started out so innocently when I visited my mother years ago, and I would notice that asking her basic...

What would you eat if….?

  By Janice Lindsay I once conducted a Lindsay Food Preference E-Mail Survey. After answering the one-question survey, one participant wrote, “I can hear my arteries...

Still listening for reindeer

My mother remembered the exact moment she learned the facts about Santa Claus. She was the second oldest of six children. One December evening,...
Janice Lindsay

Vacation of waits

By Janice Lindsay Somebody said that happiness lies in the journey, not in the destination. Here’s hoping that your journey-happiness is happier than our journey-happiness...