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Generation gap no laughing matter

The “generation gap” was a term popularized in the ’60s to describe the divide between Baby Boomers and their parents. We Boomers were rebels, politically and socially, much to the chagrin of our parents’ generation.

An adult pastime bites the dust with splashy makeover

On long summer days at Revere Beach, all of us kids knew that once the Scrabble board came out, we had to make ourselves scarce — to intrude with requests for snacks or tattle-telling would be met with severe reproach.

Good friends offer safe harbor through life’s journey

Friendship is the first word that comes to mind as I reflect on the last decade. When I ushered in the millennium at Walt Disney World, the big Y2K scare wasn’t a concern for me. Rather, I was enjoying the moment, surrounded by dear friends.

Land of the mouse encouraging, rewarding volunteerism

Once a month, I take time out of my busy work and personal schedule to supervise the flow of individuals who, without the extra food, would not get proper nutrition and, in some cases, would go hungry. I have been a volunteer at that food pantry for more years than I can remember.

Christmas trees, real and not

By Janice Lindsay, Contributing Writer Every Christmas, I say, “Maybe this year, I should have a real tree instead of the artificial one.” Every year,...
Janice Lindsay

Eighty five years of too many books

By Janice Lindsay, Contributing Writer This year marks the 85th anniversary of the start of what is sometimes called “the modern paperback revolution,” which made...
Janice Lindsay

Keep pedaling

By Janice Lindsay, Contributing Writer The summer I was 7, I was obsessed. I desperately wanted – no, I desperately needed – a bike.  Not that...

Mattie is with me when I vote

By Janice Lindsay, Contributing Writer When my mother was born, there was no guarantee that this baby girl would have the right to vote for...

From beginning to end, Falene filled our home with joy

When the little calico cat showed up at my office doorstep more than 20 years ago, one look at those huge green eyes, with their dark, mascara-like rims, and that “prairie dog” stance and I was instantly won over.

Things to be suspicious of

By Janice Lindsay, Contributing Writer While contemplating the arrival of the new year, I came upon a few cautionary notes I had written to myself,...