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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Vacation of waits

By Janice Lindsay Somebody said that happiness lies in the journey, not in the destination. Here’s hoping that your journey-happiness is happier than our journey-happiness...

Monstrous races

By Janice Lindsay “We never saw those people, we don’t know them, we’ve never been where they live, they’ve never been here, so obviously they...

What would you eat if….?

  By Janice Lindsay I once conducted a Lindsay Food Preference E-Mail Survey. After answering the one-question survey, one participant wrote, “I can hear my arteries...

May pays tribute to older Americans

By Sondra L. Shapiro From the local supermarket to Walt Disney World, there seems to be more gray hair in the crowd, a sure sign...

Our parents still have something to teach us

By Sondra L. Shapiro After I delivered a eulogy for my husband’s 93-year-old grandmother, a woman I greatly admired, the rabbi approached me to say...

Baby steps required for resolution success

It usually takes a few months to begin slacking off. By the end of the year, exercise and diet take a back seat to holiday gluttony.

Happy 60th anniversary to an inspirational couple

They still hold hands. They think of the other one first in every situation. She butters his toast and makes up his plate before her own.

Informal caregivers receive recognition, support

It was supposed to be a quiet evening at home with dear friends. I spent the afternoon cooking. Two hours before the meal, my friend called to say she had received a call from her 85-year-old mother.

Retirement afterlife creates opportunity

If I had a dollar for every time friends proclaim they can’t wait until they retire, I would be on my way to retirement financial security.

Aging isn’t about the number

Since perception is the greater part of reality, what this 61-year-old sees when she takes a peek depends on the day.