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5 ways for retirees to save on future taxes

Taking maximum advantage of tax breaks and other strategies will make savings last longer, which is critical for those living on a fixed income.

Non-profit credit unions are known for service

By David A. L’Ecuyer Many people get confused or simply don’t appreciate the difference between banks and credit unions. Both banks and credit unions offer...

Investing pros offer their best investing ideas

“Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefits manager, has a near-majority market share and will benefit from an aging population, more generic drugs and society’s need to lower health-care spending,” said Paul Larson, Morningstar equities strategist.

The right fit: Tips for hiring a financial adviser

Hiring financial help is hard. Anyone looking for assistance managing their money will quickly encounter an alphabet soup of professional designations.

Job market challenging for baby boomers

But as many boomers have lost their jobs and faced long-term unemployment in the Great Recession, career change has been difficult.

Retirement: How much can I live on?

The days of being able to count on averaging 10 percent annual returns from the stock market are over. So, it is important for retirees to know just how much they can take out of their portfolios every year without drawing them down too fast.

How secure are your retiree benefits?

The biggest pain is likely to be felt by baby boomers, who are mostly still in the workforce but facing increasing prospects that their employers may freeze their pensions.

Retirees may find their benefits targeted for cuts

It’s a case of broken promises. A growing number of companies are reneging on health insurance and other retirement benefits, leaving retirees scrambling and sometimes uninsured.

7 resolutions for retirees in 2012

Retirees may be past the days of resolving to work out more or buy fewer $4 coffees. Yet when it comes to money in particular, resolutions may be even more important for those living on fixed income.

Longevity insurance: Old-age money protection

Odds are growing that you’ll live past 85. But will your money last that long? And what if you make it to 95 or 100?