Alain Valles is an expert on reverse mortgages.

How are you doing? – A reverse mortgage may allow you to do better

  By Alain Valles, CSA, MS, MBA, Powerhouse Funding Corp. When asked “How are you doing?” do you answer truthfully? I hope you are doing fine health-wise,...

Ways to prepare for possible long-term care costs

Many of us hold on to an idyllic vision of our golden years, imagining we’ll be in good health and living self-sufficiently in our own home.
Alain Valles is an expert on reverse mortgages.

Can a reverse mortgage solve the world’s problems?

Things that keep us up at night The ramifications on the world economy of Britain leaving the European Union, increasing tensions between China and Russia, a contentious Presidential election, terrorism, the ongoing Middle East crisis, and the global warming debate. All are examples of events that we have little control over but are causing tremendous concerns.
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Planning and Protection Can Save Your Health, Home, Legacy, and Life Savings

Dennis Sullivan & Associates, Counselors at Law What is your present situation? Has COVID-19 affected your family, friends and neighbors? Might there be landmines on...

5 signs U.S. job market finally accelerating

More workers in the prime 25- to 54-year-old age group are finding jobs. The winter freeze was less destructive to hiring than had been assumed. Layoffs have declined since February. And an increase in hours worked suggest that incomes will rise.
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Surprenant & Beneski P.C. encourages early estate planning

By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer REGION - Learning about power of attorney, trusts, wills and health directives does not need to be overwhelming. The legal...

When to start collecting Social Security is one of the most important retirement decisions

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer REGION – When should you start collecting Social Security? Anytime you want once you reach age 62. That’s a fact....

7 things worth knowing about reward credit cards

Card issuers have been dangling rich offers of points, miles and cash back for the past year and a half or so in the quest to improve revenue and profit.

Reverse Mortgage: How to make the right decision

 By Alain Valles Does it makes sense for you to get the newly improved, federally insured reverse mortgage? A decision like this can seem overwhelming....
Alain Valles is an expert on reverse mortgages.

Reverse mortgages and the ‘Sandwich Generation’

By Alain Valles, CRMP, CSA, MS, MBA, Nonprofit Managing Director 781-724-6221/ Nope.  I’m not talking about older peoples’ eating habits but the harsh reality of balancing...