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Reverse mortgage: regained hope?

By Alain Valles, CRMP Everyone has heard the words “reverse mortgage.” But few people really know how one works. However, most of us know the challenge,...

Reverse mortgages. The magic wand?

By Alain Valles, CRMP, MBA, CSA Managing Director Helping Hands Community Partners, Inc. How will you pay for retirement? If you are over 61-years-old, own a home...

2 years after market low, the little guy is back

“It didn’t feel right to be back in until now,” said Richard Dukas, who heads a public relations firm in New York City. “I still don’t want to put all my money in the market, but I believe we’ve come through the worst of it.”

Women face extra obstacles to secure retirement

The fear of ending up poor or even running out of money in retirement still gnaws at many women in particular.

Top ways to use a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages, also called Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), are government-insured loans that allow qualified senior homeowners to convert illiquid home equity into available tax-free cash for immediate or future use. Although reverse mortgages have been available since 1987, they still only account for about 1 percent of the total mortgage industry.

7 important things to know about living wills

President Barack Obama’s recent recommendation that all Americans get living wills resonated with those who have been urging the same thing for years.

Boomers retire, shift from saving to spending

The market bottom was just two years ago, so investors are still fearful of steep loses. They’re looking for more ways to guarantee that they can turn their savings into a steady income stream without totally handing over control of their money.

Yes, you can still sell your home in a down market

The bright side of selling a home in a down market is you get to seek your own bargain if you’re going to buy after you’re done. Closing a sale, however, can be teeth-grindingly slow if you don’t do everything right — and maybe even if you do.

If you need cash, find it at home

By Alain Valle News reports tell us the economy is getting better. But for many older people the recession continues to impact their quality of...

How secure are your retiree benefits?

The biggest pain is likely to be felt by baby boomers, who are mostly still in the workforce but facing increasing prospects that their employers may freeze their pensions.