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Mutual Funds: Are you paying too much in fees?

It’s easy to overlook what’s important when it comes to saving money. Many people would sooner clip a coupon for shampoo than review the expenses they’re paying to invest in mutual funds.

7 retirement planning myths debunked

The days of counting on Uncle Sam and a company pension to carry you through old age are long gone. We’re living increasingly in a “yoyo” economy — short for “you’re on your own.”

Retirement: 5 ways to keep inflation at bay

The effect may not be very noticeable in the short run. But by the time you’re deep into retirement, inflation can deal a devastating blow to your savings.

Taxes: Claim your elderly parents as dependents

The bottom line is, who’s a dependent? Your kindergarten-age son, your adult daughter, her grandparents, or maybe an elderly uncle or aunt?

Retirees turn more attention to personal legacies

Life histories, ethical wills and video recordings are just some of the ways people are leaving their personal legacies for loved ones. Their use is becoming more common and small businesses are emerging to meet the demand.

Families at odds over financial planning

it is important to plan a detailed discussion, given the strong likelihood that older parents and their adult children have conflicting expectations about issues such as elder care, retirement security and inheritance.

Geek Squad rescues older computer users

During this holiday season, you may decide to buy yourself a new electronic toy — or take the big step of helping a parent or older loved one get online through a new computer laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

Baby boomers turn to college to boost job skills

Steve Newman never expected to be going back to college in his 50s to train for a new job. But the 51-year-old also never expected to get laid off three years ago after 25 years as a civil engineer.

7 things worth knowing about reward credit cards

Card issuers have been dangling rich offers of points, miles and cash back for the past year and a half or so in the quest to improve revenue and profit.

Membership eligibility to join a credit union

 By David A. L’Ecuyer In order to be eligible to join a credit union, the potential member must fit into the Field of Membership (FOM)...