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Turning 60 at Disney World frees the inner child

My birthday present to myself was to turn a blind eye to calories. So I ate and drank (no driving) with reckless abandon.

Holiday gifts for the traveler

For the avid traveler on your list, you can peruse catalogues or websites that specialize in items that make travel more convenient, comfortable or safe.

Hiking through history in Southern France

The pre-trip information promised visits to medieval villages, walled cities and castles and an immersion in the history and culture of a region unfamiliar to even many French people.

How to deal with holiday stress and anxiety

This will be the first Christmas that Rakan Smith, 53, will spend without one of his parents.

PBS series to feature Raglan Road’s Celebrity Chef Dundon

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLA. — Award-winning Chef Kevin Dundon of Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney goes fishing in Ireland for the...

Valley Forge: Victory over despair

No battles were fought at Valley Forge. Not a shot was fired at an enemy. Yet the 3,600-acre setting may be the best-known site associated with the Revolutionary War.

Pushing your body to the max

“Keeping fit is a necessity to ensure a better quality of life. Sports and other physical activities enable the body and mind to rebuild and repair itself.”

The Road to Hana is worth the trip

Views of lush greenery and ocean blues, vistas of rock and white water foaming up over the shores, and waterfalls bubbling over craggy cliffs are well worth the adventure.

Companies courting older workers

As members of the 78 million baby boomer population retire, they are creating gaps in the workforce since there are not enough younger people to fill the positions.

Scottsdale offers something for everyone

The first impression of Scottsdale is the diversity of attractions. The shopping alone provides an introduction to the something for everyone variety. Along with top-of-the-line stores are shops selling cowboy hats, boots and everything that’s worn between them.