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This Month's Features

Report questions state’s ability to provide assisted living to aging population

The bad economy has dealt a double whammy to another segment of the housing market in Massachusetts.

Debate continues on state’s driver safety reform

When it comes to a new safe driving bill in Massachusetts, Saugus resident John Andreucci, 71, is adamantly opposed to any legislation that targets a specific age group.

Key’s West offers hidden corners, enticing attractions

There’s much to be said for traveling to Key West, Florida, in winter. It’s fun and funky, and the sun casts its warming glow on lotion-slathered bodies. However, my recent visit to the Sunshine State had a different goal. I wished to check the claim that other islands in the chain boast hidden corners and enticing attractions that many visitors miss.

Curves program proves play keeps you young

After two recent hip replacements forced her to slow down, Ruth “Penny” Nikolajevs, 67, who had always lived an active hands-on lifestyle wanted to get back in shape.

Clutter or hoarding, an over packed house messes up your life

Irene’s compulsive hoarding problem had pushed her family to the brink of leaving.

New state publication offers guide to healthy, happy old age

A new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-funded publication is aimed at making Massachusetts families aware of the long-term needs they will face in the years ahead.

Laughter is still the best medicine

Beverly Rousseau may not have entered laughing, but it didn’t take long before her non-stop guffaws filled the next hour.

Maryland’s All-American Road: An historic journey through time

This is a story about a road less traveled because progress, in the form of major interstate highways, passed it by.

Baystate volunteer honorees are enriching America

It’s been over 20 years since Barbara Smith received the call from a woman on behalf of her sister and 15-year-old daughter fleeing the violence in El Salvador.

AARP Volunteers Help Mattapan Family Renovate Their Home

Anne St. Juste, 42, worked hard to move her family into their own home, situated in a safe Mattapan neighborhood.