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Visit Rangeley Lakes Region for the real Maine

Steering our canoe around a turn in the river, my wife Fyllis and I suddenly were face-to-face — or, more accurately, face-to-knees — with a massive creature. Lifting its head, shoots of river greens cascading from its mouth, the huge moose stared at us as we stared back, then continued its meal.

Cyprus offers history, culture and beauty

Women who live in a tiny mountain village sit together sewing lace tablecloths, which are famous for their beauty and fine workmanship. In a city not far away, diners at sidewalk cafes enjoy their fill of grilled pork, baked lamb and other local favorite foods. A white sand beach is the main attraction for people who are more interested in getting a tan rather than their fill of tasty treats.

Sicily- a place of great beauty, history, food and wine

“You can steal my money but not my food.”  “If you want things to go exactly as planned, don’t come here.” Those words spoken by my Overseas Adventure Travel tour guide in Sicily, who actually loves his homeland, tell a lot about it.
Pat Benti

Treasuring memories of sharing stages with music legends

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Culture Editor East Boston – After performing as a solo act in the 1970s, Pat Benti entertained New Englanders as lead...

Study finds U.S. unable to fill housing needs of aging American

The need to adapt homes for the older years comes at a time high housing costs are already causing many Americans to cut back on necessary food or medications.

Pursuit of passions keeps life fresh for Grafton luthier

Steve Beckwith of Grafton turns his passion for guitar playing and building into a rewarding profession. By Barbara Allen, Contributing Writer Grafton resident and luthier/musician Steve...

New Zealand: Magnificence in miniature

The hiking trail winds through a lush rain forest. Only a trickle of sunlight makes its way through the thick tree canopy above, from which a chorus of birds entertains with a symphony of song.
Joanne Peterson, the founder and executive director of Learn to Cope, with team member Kim Leman’s dog, Finn.

Opioid crisis – a mother’s journey to ‘Learn to Cope’

By Jane Keller Gordon, Assistant Editor Taunton - In 2004, three years into her son’s opioid addiction, Joanne Peterson decided to let the world know...

Caregivers lend each other ideas, helping hand

Caring for a loved one was the number-one source of stress for 69 percent of 1,000 family caregivers surveyed in a recent study on the financial and emotional costs of caregiving.

Eight great technological advances for the baby boomer generation

Not only can technology make your life easier and more fun but it also may allow you – or your loved one – to retain an independent, healthy lifestyle. Here are just eight of the many innovations now popular: