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Offering hope to military veterans and their families

Now in its fifth year, Project New Hope, Inc., covers a lot of ground, both in geographical regions and the multiple generations of people it serves. The nonprofit agency was formed in 2011 to provide free weekend retreats to military veterans and their families.

Jewish Family Service of Metro West – quality assistance for all stages of elder...

Jewish Family Service of Metro West (JFS) is a nonprofit social service agency with over 35 years of experience in providing quality care to elders in the community. “With family and friends working overtime and the needs of elder care being so complex, it takes a whole community to provide support so that older adults can maintain independent lives and have peace of mind,” said Malka Young, director of Healthy Aging and Geriatric Care Management.

Caregivers slow to prepare for parents’ senior years

Craig Fitzgerald, 43, has been “super fortunate” when it comes to his mom’s health.

St. Kitts offers Caribbean flair and historical attractions

A view of one of St. Kitts’ inviting beaches. By Victor Block The islands are about two miles and a 45-minute ferry boat ride apart. They...

10 reasons to get off the couch and take a walk

It can be daunting and overwhelming to consider starting an exercise program; especially when you have not been that active. That’s why walking is such a great way to exercise – just about all of us can do it, it doesn’t require much more than good supportive shoes and can be done almost anywhere at any time. Now that spring has arrived, here are 10 great reasons to get going:

Arlington woman continues to relish life as artist, athlete and advocate

Arlington - At age 86, Lillian Christmas is, as she says, “an artist, athlete and advocate.” She has run in numerous road races, including marathons in Boston and Montreal, even though she did not start serious training until she was in her late 40s. She is also an artist who tries to work at her craft every day if possible. And it is through those two passions that she helps others.

The Quarry’ is well worth a visit

By Jane Keller Gordon Acton - Driving north along Quarry Road in Acton, next to a tan house, there is a huge granite statue that...
Joanne Peterson, the founder and executive director of Learn to Cope, with team member Kim Leman’s dog, Finn.

Opioid crisis – a mother’s journey to ‘Learn to Cope’

By Jane Keller Gordon, Assistant Editor Taunton - In 2004, three years into her son’s opioid addiction, Joanne Peterson decided to let the world know...

Today’s kids sharing everything with parents

By the age of 18, Teresa Carson was married; by 21, she was pregnant with her son, Robert. “I grew up in a small town in the Midwest and that was what you did,” said Teresa Carson, 50, of Worcester.

’60s chart toppers still going strong

It only takes a few moments of hearing Delores “La La” Brooks break into Da Doo Ron Ron to realize she’s lost little of her ability in the half-century since.
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