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Workers strive to bridge generation gap

A preconceived notion that younger workers have a sense of entitlement is exacerbating the gap.

Littleton, where small town America comes to life

A tiny log home stands near a general store. Colorfully named establishments from the past include the Rough & Ready Flour Mill and the First and Last Chance Saloon.

5 money saving tips for exchanging currency

Some currency exchange tables in airports and tourist areas offer bad rates, taking more of your money. And some credit cards and banks can add fees when you buy something with your card.

Living together, aging well

There is the traditional home setting with the support of friends, family and services; Village or NORCs (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities); or planned cohousing, a trend known as “Golden Girls” living.

Charlottesville offers art, culture, history

The gracious mansion is a perfect example of an 18th-century gentleman’s country estate. Its 33 rooms are filled with elegant furniture and architectural touches imported from Europe.

Strawbery Banke to Host Vintage & Vine Wine Festival in Historic Style

Vintage & Vine emphasizes local sourcing, local chefs and the best locally-available wines.

Bay State woman wins ‘People’ magazine’s most beautiful

Her selection could be a sign that slowly, but surely, society is starting to celebrate the beauty of all its members, not just the young.

Tuscany combines beauty, history, food, art

Vineyards and groves of olive trees blanket rolling hillsides and spill down into deep valleys. An ancient stone villa, its entrance road lined by parallel rows of tall, straight cypress trees, tops many hills.

Self-publishing authors get the word out

For over 50 years, even before they married in 1961, Gloria Daniels’ husband, Arthur, had been telling her that she should write books. “I didn’t pay any attention at all,” she said. “Then I hit 70 — and I’m writing books.”

Savannah comes to life through stories, history

Savannah may conjure thoughts of John Berendt’s 1994 book and subsequent movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, about a murder that took place in the Mercer House.