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Boston radio DJ Carter Alan has not only played the music for generations of rock fans, he’s also chronicled it as an author.

Veteran Boston DJ has also chronicled the rock world as an author

By Brett Peruzzi, Managing Editor BOSTON – Legendary Boston radio DJ Carter Alan originally wanted to be a music writer at a major newspaper. But...

Fifty Plus Advocate November 2022

The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River is both a bed-and-breakfast and a museum. Photo/Frank C. Grace (Courtesy of Lizzie Borden Museum Facebook page)

Unusual museums make for some offbeat outings

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer REGION - Massachusetts, in part because of its long-standing history, has long been a bastion of significant and important museums....
Regular exercise three to four times a week that focuses on abdominal and lower back muscle strength can be effective at preventing back pain.

Preventing and treating back pain

By David Wilkening, Contributing Writer REGION - Back pain for older people is not unusual. But managing it can be difficult because it’s often characterized...
“Retirees are likely to see another sizable increase in their Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for their Social Security payments in 2023,” due to higher interest rates, says Susan Moore of Moore Financial Advisors in Watertown. Photo/Submitted

Higher interest rates are a double-edged sword

By Sharon Longo, Contributing Writer REGION - Having some money set aside may provide a sense of security, but many people often feel insecure when...
The Forest Hills Cemetery offers a mixture of history, art, and beautiful landscapes. Photo/Billie-Jo Gauley

Boston’s Forest Hills Cemetery a fascinating destination for history, landscape, and art

By Peg Lopata, Contributing Writer BOSTON - It certainly can’t be denied that the mountains might be the place to go on a fall day...
Harley, a golden retriever, was a service dog for the late Judi Smith of Norwood, who suffered from ALS. Photo/Submitted

Dogs can present challenges for obtaining home health care

By Debbie Spingarn Contributing Writer NORWOOD – Tom Smith of Norwood, whose wife Judi required 24-hour, seven-days-a-week home care due to ALS, described his experience finding caregivers...
The monument commemorating the black Union soldiers of the 54th Regiment by Augustus Saint-Gaudens is regarded as a masterpiece.

Black Heritage Trail highlights how Boston became an abolition hotbed

By David Wilkening Contributing Writer BOSTON - Sure sounds like a movie: Starting out, an enslaved couple, Lewis and Harriet Hayden escape from Kentucky. They turn...
Studies have shown numerous benefits to drinking coffee.

Coffee tastes good and can be good for you

By Sharon Longo Contributing Writer REGION - Wake up in the morning; pour a mug of coffee. Meeting with a friend; grab a couple of lattes....
The Rosebud in Somerville is a classic Worcester Lunch Car Company diner from 1941 that has adapted to the changing times and now includes a wide-ranging food menu and a full bar.

Diners have roots in two Massachusetts communities

By David Wilkening Contributing Writer REGION - The next time you get your mashed potatoes with homemade gravy or the “Blue Plate Special” with lima beans...