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AARP announces free shred events in communities through August

By Mike Festa, State Director, AARP Massachusetts (Photo Mike Festa, Photo Submitted) The AARP Fraud Watch Network arms Massachusetts residents, and all Americans, with the tools...

The payroll tax holiday should end

By Al Norman I think Congress has it totally wrong on the issue of the Social Security payroll tax. The House and the Senate both...

Remembering Miss Grout

By: Janice Lindsay In my family, “to grout” a plate or kitchen utensil means you removed it from its storage space but didn’t use it,...

Seniors still waiting for Beacon Hill to release Medicaid funds

The Medicaid funding passed by Congress has not been used to help seniors in Massachusetts. It has not been used for anything. The General Court on Beacon Hill has been in informal session — and no votes have been taken to release this funding.

The Supreme ‘Obamacare’ surprise will test mental health limits

By Al Norman On June 28, Chief Justice John Roberts surprised a lot of people — myself included. I had been writing that the U.S....

Seniors and disabled must enroll in managed care plans

By Al Norman Beginning next January, the state of Massachusetts will require 105,000 low-income people to enroll in a managed care plan. If they do...
Janice Lindsay

Viewpoint by Janice Lindsay

The snake and I By Janice Lindsay (Photo Janice Lindsay, Photo Submitted) We’ve often had garter snakes in our garage, but we never had one as bold...

How good is the new ‘Safe Driver’ law?

You know that worn joke that goes: “I love older people — except when they’re ahead of me in traffic.”

Help is available for tinnitus sufferers, part 1

By Robert Mario Suffering from a “ringing in the ears” sounds benign enough on the scale of medical problems, but tinnitus and related hearing disorders...

Obesity should be boomers’ biggest fear

Boomers are more obese than other generations, a new poll finds, setting them up for unhealthy senior years.