Technological advances in lens implants

Until recently, choices in cataract surgery were simple. The cloudy lens or cataract was removed during surgery. Decades ago there was no such thing as an intraocular lens.

Need challenge? Give medicine to cat.

Kitty was sick. Acting normal, but losing weight. Vet said urinary tract infection. Liquid antibiotics, twice daily, two weeks. Big, buff-colored, fluffy, floppy, kitty was...

Billy Crystal still makes ’em laugh

Seated in his publicist’s office, sipping coffee from a paper Starbucks cup, he looks at least a decade younger than his age and is working at the same pace.

Walking a mile in their shoes

I have been working in affordable housing for over 25 years. I know about aging and disabilities.  I also know about reasonable accommodations and modifications. I know that not all limitations are obvious to others and I know that many disabilities cannot be seen.

Trump’s ‘Skinny’ budget is all bones

By Al Norman On March 16, President Donald Trump sent over his federal fiscal year 2018 Budget Blueprint to Congress. It was the president’s first...

Elder care wages: Workers living In poverty

By Al Norman In a recent radio address, President Barack Obama said: “No woman who is working full time should have to raise her children...

Uveitis: how to recognize the symptoms

By Dr. Jean E. Keamy Uveitis is inflammation in the layer of tissue situated between the retina and the sclera (the white of the eye)....

AARP’s Tax-Aide program provides older adults free tax help

Tax filing season is upon us, and AARP can help! Approaching its 50th year, Tax-Aide offers free tax filing help to anyone, especially those 50 and older, who can’t afford a tax preparation service.

This fall, ease into retirement, online

September 23 marks the first day of fall. During this season, many people reflect on the gradual passing of time as green leaves turn gold and pine needles blanket lawns. You are also slowly changing, and those golden years of retirement are one season closer.

Treating poor people as “passive” health care consumers

By Al Norman In 2009, a state legislator who chaired the House Financial Services Committee on Beacon Hill introduced a bill that would "automatically enroll...