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How good is the new ‘Safe Driver’ law?

You know that worn joke that goes: “I love older people — except when they’re ahead of me in traffic.”

2020-2021 Elder Care Resource Guide

Click on the link to open the 2020-2021 Elder Care Resource Guide:

Oral health and missing teeth linked to wellbeing

The treatment, management and prevention of oral diseases in older people will improve not only the condition of the mouth, but also overall health and well-being.

Obama should expand Medicare for all

A group called “Health Care Now” has been urging President Barack Obama to look backwards for the solution to health care reform.

Election 2012: Don’t Stand on the Sidelines

By: Linda F. Fitzgerald Election season is upon us. And, this year, for older Americans and our families, the ballot on Nov. 6 is more...

The health care nuclear option

By Al Norman Congress and the White House are poised to dismantle health care protections in our state that may take decades to repair. It’s...

Tips for choosing a doctor

Referrals from another physician or family and friends are a first step in choosing a doctor, but specialists advise doing some research to finalize...

Before doctors check your vitals, check out theirs

Being licensed and likable doesn’t necessarily mean a doctor is up to date on best practices. But consumers aren’t sure how to uncover much more.

Do you hear what I hear?

By Robert Mario In both animals and humans, vocal signals used for communication contain a wide array of different sounds that are determined by the...

Seniors need to prevent the flu with vaccination

By Dr. Roxanne Latimer Fall means influenza season and as such, should be a reminder that prevention is always better than treatment. Influenza kills approximately 36,000...