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Let’s work to keep Social Security strong for now and the future

By Deborah E. Banda There’s a lot of talk about Social Security these days. Politicians and political pundits talk about solving the nation’s budget crisis...

August Hachette audio book releases

THE LOST ISLAND* (A Gideon Crew novel)                   Pub Date: August 5 By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child                            Read by David W. Collins In the third...

Sugary drinks could spur overeating

All sugars are not equal — even though they contain the same amount of calories — because they are metabolized differently in the body.

What to do about age-related eye problems

Most Individuals over the age of 40 experience difficulty seeing up close without the aid of bifocals, trifocals or reading glasses.

Knee repair: Therapy as good as surgery?

You might not want to rush into knee surgery. Physical therapy can be just as good for a common injury and at far less cost and risk, the most rigorous study to compare these treatments concludes.

Retirees are the big losers in debt ceiling debate

By Al Norman Some members of Congress have been playing fast and loose with your money. I’m not talking about lawmakers going on a spending spree....

Local foundation helps with testing and treatment of Lyme disease

Region - Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood and controversial diseases across our country. Getting properly diagnosis and treatment options are extremely difficult. I quickly found this out after losing my Mom, Jeanne to complications from untreated late-stage Lyme disease. Mom was full of life until she developed a rash on her upper back while spending the winter in Florida in early 2011. The non-blistering rash was quickly diagnosed as shingles and she was prescribed a steroid. Her health would never be the same after that.

10 ways to be happy and healthy in 2010

It’s easy being green — Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, carnivore or pescetarian, vegetables should be a central part of your diet. Often referred to as a “protective food,” dark green foods provide essential vitamins and nutrients to your body that protect you from many of life’s worst diseases.

Elder health Q&A: Urinary tract infections

By Christine Redding Q: What is a urinary tract infection? A: A urinary tract infection, also known as a UTI, is a bacterial infection that travels...

Elizabeth Warren takes on ‘the anarchy gang

By Al Norman Massachusetts’ senior senator, Elizabeth Warren, has wasted little time in showing that she is not afraid to take on tough issues. One of...