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Hearing loss: Identify, treat and conquer

Are you are one of those millions of people who do not hear as well as they once did? If so, you are certainly not alone.

Don’t let Congress cut Medicare and Social Security benefits

On Oct. 12, call Sen. Kerry, Sen. Brown and your U.S. Representative at 888-722-8514. Tell them you’re not a pushover; don’t let them cut your Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Medicare open enrollment: What you need to know

By Mike Festa For those with Medicare, October marks the beginning of the yearly Medicare open enrollment period, which officially begins on Oct. 15 and...

Free Resources for Veterans

mes, veterans face all sorts of problems: needing to afford home health care or an assisted living apartment, to appealing disability claims and recharacterizing discharges.

Stopping Medicare waste, fraud, and abuse

By Ron Pollack Did you hear about the case last year of the Houston doctor and medical equipment provider who billed Medicare more than $1...

A flu shot should be on to-do’s list

By David Rideout The weather is a bit cooler, and we are spending more time indoors. The cold and flu season is not far off....

Senior centers court baby boomers

It’s hard to believe that those long-haired hippies, those radicals of the 60s who said “never trust anyone over 30,” have, well, gotten older.

Important Information for People in Medicare

Health Care Reform & You: More than one million Massachusetts residents rely on Medicare. The new health care reform law guarantees that existing, basic Medicare benefits will not change, for both traditional Medicare and private Medicare Advantage.

Let’s work to keep Social Security strong for now and the future

By Deborah E. Banda There’s a lot of talk about Social Security these days. Politicians and political pundits talk about solving the nation’s budget crisis...

Ending Medicare as we know it, again

By Al Norman A report by the health care advocacy group Families USA says if the House Republican budget proposal unveiled by Congressman Paul Ryan,...