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You’ve got a ‘Facebook’ friend…

A television ad that has run frequently in past months features “Beatrice,” an older woman who doesn’t quite get the concept of how Facebook works. Beatrice tells her two friends that she “posted” her vacation pictures on her “wall,” the term used when putting items on your personal Facebook page. In reality, she put physical copies of her photos on a wall in her home.

Artist and educator creates ‘second life’ online

Acton resident Niela Miller, 81, is a multi-talented artist, musician, author, life coach and therapist. As if that wasn’t enough for one life, Miller has embarked upon a new adventure, taking her myriad skills online. In “Second Life,” a virtual 3D program on the Internet, Miller has created a whole new world with her alter-ego or “avatar,” Marly Mirena. She uses all aspects of her creativity - photographs, paintings, music, theater improv and movement - as tools for awareness, problem-solving, community building, spiritual development and building cultural bridges.

Eight great technological advances for the baby boomer generation

Not only can technology make your life easier and more fun but it also may allow you – or your loved one – to retain an independent, healthy lifestyle. Here are just eight of the many innovations now popular:

Resolve ice dams quickly – Unchecked roof ice dams can wreak havoc on your...

If you own a home in an area of the country where you get cold and snowy winters, then you've probably already experienced ice dams. If, on the other hand, you are a first-time homeowner or a new transplant who has just purchased a home in a region of the country with harsh winters, then you may be unfamiliar with ice dams. If you fall into one of these two latter types of homeowner categories, then it's important that you become familiar with ice dams and know how to resolve them quickly.

Head space — Save money on headboard replacements

Buying furniture is an expensive endeavor, but living on a tight budget doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your sense of style. It can be an opportunity to be creative. For those with small bedrooms, having too much furniture can make the room appear cluttered and even smaller. Fortunately, you can do without bulky items, such as a nightstand, dresser or armoire, and replace them with organizers to make the room appear more spacious.

Finding purpose when the workday is done

it may be a relief to step out of the “rat race,” and leave behind tightly scheduled work weeks, many people still appreciate having a sense of purpose.

Every day is Memorial Day for a Gold Star Mother

Karen Lounsbury of Cambridge is comfortable interacting with military families. She’s the daughter and sister of veterans, and was a military wife.

Town’s oldest resident proves optimism can lead to a long, happy life

When people wonder whether attitude or a healthy lifestyle is more important for a long life, they only need to meet Littleton resident Hazel Plummer to be convinced that it is the former.

Joining the digital world: Embracing new technology

At 92 years young, Cache Valley native Dorie Thorpe is diving head-first into 21st-century technology. On her iPad, she might read the news or e-books.

Thoughtful planning can help a loved one deal with holiday loss

When it comes to helping a parent — or close friend — face that first holiday season without a beloved spouse, Vicki Panagotacos, a...