After cleanup from devastating hurricanes, U.S. Virgin Islands are ready to welcome visitors once more


U.S. Virgin Islands  – Our regular travel writer Victor Block is in the U.S. Virgin Islands gathering information for a future story about that inviting destination.  In the meantime, he sent this report about the recovery from the two strong hurricanes that pounded St Thomas, St. Croix and St. John during the fall of 2017.  Victor says that while signs of the damage caused by the hurricanes remains visible here and there, most of it has been repaired.  The beaches are beautiful, the sun warming, an the most of the historical attractions are open.  Some resorts and hotels have not yet reopened but there are plenty of places to stay, including others hotels, condominiums, villas and B & Bs.  In other words: The U.S. Virgin Islands are back.

photo/Victor Block