Las Vegas offers more than gambling

My first stop was the Eiffel Tower, where I ooohed and aaahed over views from the observation deck 50 stories above ground. Next I wandered among splashing fountains and graceful statues reminiscent of ancient Rome.

Employees face parent-care challenges

More workers are juggling jobs with the care of an elder family member. So companies stepped in by offering services to help beleaguered employees.

An Amazon riverboat journey

In ways, Railson resembles many 17-year-old boys. He likes to fish, helps with household chores and enjoys hanging out with his friends. But there are differences.

Swapping skills, time promotes community spirit

The time trade concept is rapidly expanding network of organizations in which members earn trade dollars with their specific skills; in turn, those dollars can be exchanged for the services of another member.

Rhodes: An outdoor museum of ancient cultures

Hearing the word “Greece” can conjure up multiple images. Whitewashed villages gleaming in the sun. Seas that range in a spectrum of color from light turquoise to dark blue.

Boomer consumers adjust to economic, lifestyle realities

The once spendthrift generation no longer maxes out credit cards or leverages home equity without considering the possible consequences.

Key West is an attitude

Life here is laid back and people need little excuse to party. Even the sunset provides one. Each evening, a crush of people congregates at Mallory Square as the sun dips toward the horizon. Jugglers, musicians and other entertainers compete for an audience — and tips.

State advocates working to preserve quality of life

State and federal budgets giving short shrift to the needs of retirees.

‘Granny Nannies’ pitching in with grandkids

Though this seems an ideal setup, grandparents, who provide childcare, may find that some things have changed since they were busy raising their own children.

Hiking and driving the Dolomites Great Road

Raniero Campigotto, the owner of a mountain hut nearly 7,000 feet up in the Dolomites range, has resigned himself to the impossibility of serving dinner without having his guests jump up mid-fork through the polenta and grilled sausage and run outside.