The KITCHEN at Boston Public Market


By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer 

The KITCHEN at Boston Public Market


Region- The KITCHEN at Boston Public Market is a very special place that offers hands on programs, workshops, demonstrations and more while emphasizing health, wellness and sustainability while reflecting the seasons with local, high quality ingredients.  

   The KITCHEN is managed by the Trustees, which is the oldest land trust in Massachusetts and oversees 120 properties around the commonwealth that include  museums, beaches, parks, cultural sites, woodlands, old homes, working farms and more. The nonprofit organization helps to preserve these beautiful places for all to enjoy that would otherwise be developed. 

Sara Moser is the associate director of the KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market. 

“There are a lot of cooking schools in Boston but the way in which we differentiate ourselves is firstly, by the fact that we are housed in the Boston Public Market. We source almost entirely from our local vendors. If you’re eating a carrot, it is likely that it was pulled from the ground earlier the same day. If you’re eating fresh fish from Red’s Best, it is likely to have been caught earlier by a local fisherman,” she explained. 

“Their vision is to source locally, employ locally, to revive our port towns and help people understand that there are a lot of other fish caught in the nets that are delicious but not as familiar,” she added. 

A class at the The KITCHEN at Boston Public Market

The classes offer something for everyone and vary from bread making, seafood and steak workshops, sushi rolling, pasta making, wine tasting, mixology and more. 

   “We also offer three-course seasonal cooking classes featuring flavors from Italy Asia, India, France and classic New England. These always seem to be quite popular. One thing that highlights our cooking classes is the fact that they are very hands on. Participants are not merely watching a chef demonstrate but they are actively engaged in the process while the chef is guiding you,” said Moser. 

   There are classes that meet daily and sometimes they are offered twice each day.  There are evening offerings as well as three to four weekend classes. Participants always get to eat what they make. 

The Signature Class is called Farm to Kitchen. These classes teach you how to cook seasonably year round as well as from around the world. There is Farm to Kitchen Rome, Farm to Kitchen Asian Flavors, Farm to Kitchen Indian Flavors and more. 

“We are taking these recipes and chefs that specialize in these types of foods and we are showing people that you can cook a most delicious ethnic meal, making a couple of tweaks to source locally. It’s just as delicious and you are helping your body, the community and the planet. That is our mission in the KITCHEN,” said Moser. 

Most of the class offering at the KITCHEN are geared towards adults but there are kids’ programs and one of the popular ones is a pasta making class for children with a parent. 

There is a special monthly program called “What Unites Us!” This senior program is sponsored by BCBSMA and is in collaboration with Age Friendly Boston, Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement, and Friends of Heritage Park on The Greenway.  It invites the senior community to partake in a meal. 

“This program is held once each month and helps to celebrate the immigrant experience, build community and cross-cultural understanding and promote healthy living for aging residents in Boston,” said Moser. 

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