How to steps can make things easier

Barbara and Arthur Roberts have always had a sense of wanderlust. One day, after their kids had gone off to college, Barbara turned to her husband and said, “You know, they’re never coming back. Let’s sail around the world.”

Cruising exotic Southeast Asia

Vacationers enjoy the luxury of a first-class hotel along with top-notch meals and entertainment while getting to sample places they might not feel at ease visiting on their own.

Men can age gracefully too

When men grow up healthy, there’s a sense of being invulnerable. Most men, typically, well into their 40s, go through most of their life doing what is required to be a man: get a job, find a partner, buy a house, have children.

Vintage and Vine participating restaurants

VIP The 100 Club, 100 Market St., Ste 500, Portsmouth, 603.766.4100, Private function space, waterview. Ristorante Massimo, 59 Penhallow St. Portsmouth 603.436.4000 Fine dining...

Winter getaways closer to home

In Savannah, Georgia, the sun heats the temperature into the pleasant 50s on most days. That’s perfect for strolling through what has been described as one of the loveliest cities in the world.

’60s chart toppers still going strong

It only takes a few moments of hearing Delores “La La” Brooks break into Da Doo Ron Ron to realize she’s lost little of her ability in the half-century since.

Turning 60 at Disney World frees the inner child

My birthday present to myself was to turn a blind eye to calories. So I ate and drank (no driving) with reckless abandon.

Holiday gifts for the traveler

For the avid traveler on your list, you can peruse catalogues or websites that specialize in items that make travel more convenient, comfortable or safe.

Hiking through history in Southern France

The pre-trip information promised visits to medieval villages, walled cities and castles and an immersion in the history and culture of a region unfamiliar to even many French people.

How to deal with holiday stress and anxiety

This will be the first Christmas that Rakan Smith, 53, will spend without one of his parents.