Exploring Ecuador without the Galapagos Islands?

No offense against the Galapagos Islands. Home to giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas and other exotic creatures, the archipelago off Ecuador’s coast ranks for me and many other travelers among the top places to visit before I die.

Bay State retirees share hopes, fears for future

It was no surprise to find the ability to vacation at the top of the dream list of 41 percent of survey respondents.

Hershey: It’s not just about the chocolate

Every family member enjoyed tasting five mini-bars. We allowed the chocolate to melt on our tongues, as instructed, while trying to distinguish a wine-like list of textures (from smooth to granular), smells (including woodsy and fruity) and tastes (citrus, coffee, nutty).

Multigenerational living needs open-minded communication

Klugman had certain expectations of what he’d like to see in return for welcoming his daughter and granddaughters into his home in terms of sharing responsibilities and space — starting with the eating area.

Find Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island

As the surf laps at your feet and sand dunes stretch for as far as the eye can see under a sky filled with billowing clouds, it becomes clear that your search for the enchanting island the irrepressible Anne Shirley falls in love with is complete.

Old, young work toward peace at home and abroad

Like old friends, they chatted, caught up and reminisced.

Montreal, for a ‘round the world’ experience

Following a bountiful breakfast of dim sum, my wife Fyllis and I strolled along lanes lined by shops selling merchandise both familiar and unknown to us. Some stores displayed unrecognizable animal body parts, others herbal remedies said to heal a hospital full of ills.

Caregivers lend each other ideas, helping hand

Caring for a loved one was the number-one source of stress for 69 percent of 1,000 family caregivers surveyed in a recent study on the financial and emotional costs of caregiving.

Funky trip into rural Virginia’s past

By Victor Block MADISON COUNTY, VA — The intersection of two narrow roads that is the closest thing to the center of Syria, Virginia— population about...

In terms of retirement readiness, Boston region is 10th in the U.S.

By Brian Goslow Boston residents rank 10th in re-tirement readiness, according to a study of the country’s 30 biggest metropolitan areas by Ameriprise Financial Services,...