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Safer driving benefits all

While many vacationing travelers hit the roads during the summer season, the month of September signals the beginning of heavily increased traffic, especially during rush hours.  Drivers are heading back to work, which means sharing the road with more vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. And, now that school is back in session, expect to see more school buses and pedestrians on the local roads.

Hospice care offers a true gift of love

There is no greater love a person can share than giving the gift of care during a time of great need.

Aging Americans stay home with aid of ‘villages’

With the help of nonprofit groups known as “villages,” retirees are enjoying many of the perks that residents of retirement or assisted-living communities receive, at a fraction of the cost.

High-tech toilet seats popular with caregivers, elderly

They seem to be gaining ground quickly among baby boomers and those who care for the elderly, as well as those interested in high-tech and environmentally friendly products.

Social activities key to physical wellness among older adults

Loss of muscle strength, speed and dexterity is a common consequence of aging and a well-established risk factor for death, disability and dementia. Yet, little is known about how and why motor decline occurs when it is not a symptom of disease.

Dementia as a global epidemic

By Micha Shalev Dementia is a mental state used to denote severe cognitive impairment which impacts daily activities and life. Alzheimer’s disease is one of...

Financial planning tips for caregivers

By Michelle Murdock Becoming a caregiver can result in many challenges; communicating with doctors, managing your time and your parents’ health, and just as importantly,...

How family caregivers can cope with depression

By Micha Shalev What family caregivers can do to prevent depression Social support is essential. As a family caregiver you should reach out for both logistical help...

Help for caregivers

By Catherine Walsh, Marketing Communications, Intercity Home Care Each January arrives with a feeling of fresh possibility and renewed optimism. We feel grateful for the things...

Managing chronic pain in patients with dementia

Chronic pain affects 1.5 billion people worldwide, an estimated 100 million of whom live in the United States. Yet we currently have no effective treatment options. Fortunately, research advances have determined some of the ways in which chronic pain changes the brain, and several promising research areas could lead to better treatment approaches.