Reverse Mortgages reduce uncertainty

Alain Valles, MBA, MS

Desire More Cash? For today or tomorrow?

By Alain Valles, MBA, MS

So many things are causing fear. Globally – world conflict, politics, and inflation. Personally – cash flow needs, mortgage payments, credit cards, medical bills, deferred home repairs, and future unexpected expenses.  


Financial pressure and uncertainty may not only lead to higher anxiety but also being forced to sell one’s home.  A reverse mortgage may be your solution to reducing financial stress and being able to afford your home.


What is a reverse mortgage?

For homeowners with at least one person being at least 62 years old with sufficient equity, a reverse mortgage is a government guaranteed loan that allows you to receive cash when needed or desired. 


Primary Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Are:

  • No monthly mortgage payments are required
  • Note – you are responsible to pay your homeowners insurance, real estate taxes, and meet loan guidelines.
  • You may receive a lump sum amount of cash, a monthly check, and/or have a line of credit that grows as you get older
  • Easier qualification than conventional loans
  • No minimum credit score required
  • May be used to pay off current mortgage and other debts
  • Money received is tax free
  • You continue to own and control your home

There is no cost to learn

There is so much misinformation about reverse mortgages. I have helped hundreds of homeowners learn the pros & cons and, when appropriate, secure the funds they need to live financially secure, and I will do my best to help you too!    


Alain Valles was the first designated Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional in New England. He obtained a Master of Science from the M.I.T. Center for Real Estate, an MBA from the Wharton School, and graduated summa cum laude from UMass Amherst. He is the senior reverse mortgage loan officer MLO#7946 at Powerhouse Funding Corp. NMLS #1740551. He can arrange but does not make loans. Alain can be reached directly at (781) 724-6221 or by email at