Associated Foot Specialists provides convenient and timely care


By Evan Walsh, Contributing Writer

Dr. Anthony Tickner Photo/Submitted
Dr. Anthony Tickner

REGION – Associated Foot Specialists is ready to help. 

The “full-service” practice provides numerous different services, including dealing with bunions, orthotics, warts, gout, ingrown toenails, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and much more. Associated Foot Specialists’ experienced staff uses cutting-edge technology to treat patients of all ages.

“When people think of the podiatrist, they may typically think, ‘Well, I’m going to get my nails clipped,’ or ‘My grandmother is going to see the podiatrist.’ We take kids, we see adults, we see athletes, we see people who are ballerinas, we see soccer players… It’s a very important specialty, but not many people know exactly what we do,” Dr. Anthony Tickner, the founder of Associated Foot Specialists, told Fifty Plus Advocate.

Associated Foot Specialists also offers wound care treatment, which, according to the practice’s website, includes “innovative treatments and long-term strategies that help end the suffering of people with slow-healing wounds.” 

Convenience is paramount to Tickner. While people may expect to wait weeks – even months – for care at other practices, Associated Foot Specialists seeks to help patients as soon as possible.

“Our motto is ‘We don’t want you waiting.’ That is a pet peeve of mine. If I have to see my primary [doctor] or the dentist and I’m the patient, I hate to hear ‘We’ll book you in three or four months.’ That’s ridiculous,” said Tickner. “We pride ourselves on, if it’s an emergency, seeing them in a few days. We don’t like to have our patients wait. We’re able to get them in pretty quickly.”

Patients seem to appreciate Tickner’s dedication; based on 479 individual reviews, Associated Foot Specialists maintains an average rating of 4.95/5. One review calls the staff at the practice the “best [they’ve] met,” and another says that “this place deserves more than five stars.”

Associated Foot Specialists also promotes convenience with their multiple locations. With offices in Holden (795 Main Street), Worcester (1378 Main Street), and Hudson (1 Cabot Road, Suite 280), the practice ensures that patients throughout the Central Massachusetts area have easy access to care.

“We try to make it convenient geographically for our patients,” Tickner said. 

With convenient, accessible care, Tickner hopes that patients will become comfortable around doctors, saying that he aims to “take the sterility and medical feel” out of appointments. 

“It’s important that people feel comfortable and feel more like it’s family. Obviously, you’re going to a doctor – it’s obviously a visit. But, we want people to feel comfortable, we want them to feel at ease. I think that’s our mantra: we try to make people as comfortable as possible,” he said. 

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