Family Dental Group keeps you smiling with cosmetic dentistry services


By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer

Dr. Nikhil Lavana
Dr. Nikhil Lavana

NORTHBOROUGH – There’s a lot to smile about as the COVID-19 restrictions are finally lifted. The husband-wife dentist team of Dr. Nikhil Levana and Dr. Archana Karkhanis-Lavana own Family Dental Group. They have offices in Northborough, Paxton and Gardner, and want to help you get your teeth and smile back in shape for the upcoming summer.

Dr. Karkhanis-Lavana said many people have put dental care off over the last eighteen months. She encourages them to make an appointment before cavities and gum disease go too long without being treated.

The practice does offer specialty treatments, such as teeth whitening. It’s a treatment that has grown in popularity as video meetings have become used more widely.

Dr. Archana Karkhanis-Lavana
Dr. Archana Karkhanis-Lavana

“Everybody likes whitening,” said Dr. Karkhanis-Lavana. 

Initially, it’s an office procedure that will take approximately 90 minutes. The patient will be given a retainer to continue maintenance treatments at home.

Family Dental Group uses Zoom Whitening, which is the best in the market. The Northborough office is currently offering a $100 discount from the original cost of $499.

What a patient drinks, for example, coffee or wine, can make a difference in the whitening results. 

Dr. Karkhanis-Lavana recommends having a whitening treatment at each cleaning while continuing the at-home treatments to maintain the benefits.

Another specialty of the practice is orthodontics. Dr. Nikhil Lavana has been a preferred Invisalign provider for 15 years. 

Free consultations are offered to define the patient’s key issues. A clear retainer is worn, which adjusts the position of the teeth. The patient has appointments every two weeks to receive a new retainer for the next adjustment. Retainers should be worn except for teeth brushing and eating for best results.

Dr. Karkharnis-Lavana said teenagers and adults both like the results without having to have the typical metal braces. Depending on the case, treatment is 6-18 months.

Using Invisalign to straighten teeth has become popular as many dental insurances cover orthodontic care.

“They are pretty easy to do and are painless,” she said. “We are proud to be able to offer Invisalign as part of our cosmetic dentistry services. We want everyone to have beautiful smiles.”

Additional information, including services and hours, can be found at Appointments for any of the offices can be requested online or by calling 508-466-7211.



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