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Pursuit of passions keeps life fresh for Grafton luthier Southborough artist masters the ancient art of encaustic painting Couple’s pets bring comfort to those in need Enjoy summer bounty at local farmers markets Netherlands offers world-class charm and culture Flutie over 50 Chair yoga instructor helps seniors with physical and emotional balance Physician Focus: A cancer that can be prevented

Pursuit of passions keeps life fresh for Grafton luthier

Steve Beckwith of Grafton turns his passion for guitar playing and building into a rewarding profession. By Barbara Allen, Contributing Writer Grafton resident and luthier/musician Steve Beckwith corrects with vigor anyone who mistakenly refers to him as “retired.” Between guitar-building, instrument repair, performing live music, coordinating a monthly jam session for musicians, and coaching cross […]

Southborough artist masters the ancient art of encaustic painting

Southborough - Southborough artist Catherine Weber is a fascinated by encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, in which pigments are added to heated beeswax and painted on a surface. “There’s every sense — the smell of the wax is wonderful, the luminosity, the flexibility - all of these things make encaustic wonderfully flexible,” she said. “This art is several thousands of years old. It’s been found on Egyptian [sarcophagi], and on the hulls of Greek ships.”

Couple’s pets bring comfort to those in need

Westborough – Many people in their 70s take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy their golden years. Not Tania and Bob Pano. Thanks to this special couple and their dog and two cats, countless people, young and especially older, have found a gentle and comforting peace when they needed it most. About six years ago, Bob, who is a retired teacher, was volunteering as a dog walker at the Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton, Inc., when he first met Cassie, a beautiful Golden Retriever who had been turned in that day by her previous family. His bond with Cassie was immediate, Bob said, and after consulting with Tania, the dog came home to Westborough with them.

Enjoy summer bounty at local farmers markets

The Maynard Farmers Market is held Saturdays, June 25-Oct. 1, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mill Pond parking lot, Clock Tower Place, Main Street. This market features produce, dairy, meats, baked goods, honey and cut flowers. The market also offers educational and cultural events and information about the town’s civic groups. Free parking. Rain or shine.

Netherlands offers world-class charm and culture

World-class museums stand shoulder-to-shoulder with flower markets festooned by rainbows of color. People crowded into cafes and pubs chat, sip coffee and other beverages and watch the passing traffic, which consists of as many bicycles as automobiles. This is the setting in one of the greatest small cities in the world, which is the capital of one of the smallest countries in Europe. But anything that the Netherlands may lack in dimension – it’s about twice the size of Massachusetts – it more than makes up in diversity.

Flutie over 50

Region – Although Doug Flutie retired from football 10 years ago, he still appears fit enough to take on the demanding challenges of the National Football League. While that is not on his agenda, the 53-year-old Flutie is staying active, always searching for new ways to keep not only in physical shape but mentally as well. “For me the number one thing was that I never stopped,” Flutie said of his time since ending his 21 year professional football career. “Once you stop it's a lot harder to get started again.”

Chair yoga instructor helps seniors with physical and emotional balance

Nearly 10 years ago, Joanne Laubacher was at a crossroads of sorts. Like many women, she was juggling a career while taking care of her family which included her three children and her mother, who was facing serious medical challenges. As she visited her mother in the different facilities where she was being treated, Laubacher was struck, she said, by many of the other seniors she met who were “vibrant, eager to learn something new and very funny.”

Physician Focus: A cancer that can be prevented

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death and the third most common cancer for both men and women in the United States. The disease claims more than 50,000 lives each year; only lung cancer causes more deaths from cancer. Many of the deaths from colorectal cancer, however, are needless. Unlike other cancers, such as breast cancer or prostate cancer, screening for colorectal cancer can save lives by actually preventing the cancer from occurring. But 23 million American adults – about one in three – do not get screened as recommended. As a result, according to the American Cancer Society, more than 135,000 cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed every year, a far great number than cancers of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, or other organs of the digestive system.

Elder Care Resource Guide 2016 – 2017

15 September 2016

Here is the Elder Care Resource Guide for 2016-2017:

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Social Security and reverse mortgages

31 August 2016

By Alain Valles, CRMP, MBA, CSA Is 62 the best time to start receiving Social Security? According to the Social Security Administration, you may start receiving Social Security income at age 62.  But if you delay enrollment until age 70, your monthly Social Security income will be significantly higher. So, does everyone wait? Unfortunately, no. […]

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Ten things I know about Fair Housing

31 August 2016

Fair Housing legislation was created in 1968. It protects people from being discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the sale or rental of housing. Since its inception, many protected classes have been added including age, pregnancy status, citizenship, familial status, disability status, veteran status, genetic information, and most recently, sexual orientation.

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Volunteering with AARP

31 August 2016

Are you looking for a new opportunity? Would you like to explore new ways to connect with your neighbors, and also make new friends? You have a lifetime of experience to offer. If you’re looking to give back to your community and build new relationships, AARP Massachusetts can help you find the perfect fit with our many volunteer opportunities.

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Abuse and neglect of the Alzheimer’s patient -red flags

31 August 2016

Elder Abuse is one of the most overlooked public health hazards in the United States. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that between one and two million elderly adults have suffered from some form of elder abuse. The main types of elder abuse are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, neglect and self-neglect, abandonment, and financial exploitation. Elders with dementia are thought to be at greater risk of abuse and neglect than those of the general elderly population.

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What to expect when going home with services

31 August 2016

You are being discharged from a health care facility -maybe you have had hip replacement surgery, pneumonia, a fall - every person’s situation is different, but the bottom line is you need help in order to go home. This can be a very difficult part of the healing process for many people. Although we are health care professionals, we are still initially strangers to you, and welcoming us into your home can be an intimidating task. We hope to earn your trust and respect while we are assisting in your transition back to independence.

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