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Charlottesville brings America’s history to life Holocaust survivor speaks at Northborough middle school Volunteering in the community Miniature horse ‘Rosie’ brings joy to all ages An exotic kind of love Pets and People Foundation – offering pet-assisted therapy Kindness matters History and beaches abound in St. Augustine

Charlottesville brings America’s history to life

Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall By Victor Block The mansion in Virginia which Thomas Jefferson called Monticello is a perfect example of an 18th-century estate. Its 33 rooms are filled with elegant furniture and architectural touches imported from Europe. About 10 miles away stands Pine Knot, a simpler cottage that lacks a stove, well and bathroom facilities. Theodore Roosevelt […]

Holocaust survivor speaks at Northborough middle school

(l to r)  Sam Weinreb, Lainey Bechta (8th grade student), and Kay Senior (8th grade teacher) Photos/Jane Keller Gordon By Jane Keller Gordon, Contributing Writer Northborough – The entire 8th grade class at Robert E. Melican Middle School in Northborough sat hunched forward—almost breathless—during an assembly on May 17.  It was Holocaust survivor Sam Weinreb […]

Volunteering in the community – Scituate Animal Shelter

As a nonprofit no-kill animal shelter, the Scituate Animal Shelter helps over 500 dogs and cats find their new forever homes every year, according to Executive Director Maryann Regan. The organization is primarily volunteer-run and funded solely by private donations.

Miniature horse ‘Rosie’ brings joy to all ages

When Barbara Shaer would go to visit her mother, Ida Baker, who was living in a nursing home, another regular visitor there was a therapy dog. Since Shaer had recently retired from a career in health care, her brother Stephen Shear suggested that she consider doing pet therapy as well – but with a twist.

An exotic kind of love

Belinda Rempelakis’s first foray into the world of animal rescue came, as it so often does, at the behest of her daughter. But although Rempelakis does have a much-loved rescue dog, 14-year-old Peanut, it is another group that she is most passionate about rescuing – so-called exotics - mice, rats and ferrets.

Pets and People Foundation – offering pet-assisted therapy

Nearly 25 years ago, Joel Wolff and his wife, Penny Schultz, along with their dog, started volunteering as a therapy team. Now, the couple volunteer (and Wolff serves as president) with the Pets and People Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers “people therapy through pets.”

Kindness matters – Veterinarian is also accomplished author and musician

Shrewsbury - Dr. Monica Mansfield, 55, greets her patients by sitting on the floor - gently hovering her hand - then touching their furry backs. Kindness and compassion are always paramount to the way she conducts her practice of veterinary medicine at the Medway Animal Hospital, as well as all other parts of her life. Although she loves being a veterinarian, there are many unique facets to this multi-talented woman. She is a published author of two books and a talented musician and passionate fan, producing and hosting Shrewsbury’s award-winning cable show, “Mostly Rock ‘n Roll.

History and beaches abound in St. Augustine

Visitors may enjoy a carriage ride in the historic district. Photo/submitted By Victor Block In 1607, a small band of settlers founded the first permanent English outpost in the Americas, Jamestown in the Colony of Virginia. At that time, another town had existed since 1565 in a different part of the New World. Last year, […]

After the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease: So what now!!

21 July 2017

It can’t be true. It has to be a mistake. You are really angry. It’s normal to have these feelings but the important thing is to find ways to cope, and continue to have fun and laugh. What you must understand first and foremost is that you or loved one will lose short-term memory but retain some long-term memory.

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Dementia information at your fingertips

21 July 2017

I just dropped my 91-year-old father and his wife off at Logan Airport. They live outside of LA, and were visiting here for a week.  My father has clearly deteriorated both physically and mentally with increased dementia since I visited him several months ago.

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AARP’s 2017 budget priorities

29 June 2017

Massachusetts elected officials prepared the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) commonwealth budget proposal, a $40.5 billion spending plan which funds key priorities.

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‘FLIPPING’ the situation

29 June 2017

I hated fifth grade.  Almost 40 years later I can say without exaggeration it remains one of the worst years of my life. It was the first time that I truly had a hard time getting along with others, perhaps because we were all struggling with pre-adolescence in our own way.

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How to stop a loved one with dementia from driving

29 June 2017

When an individual is diagnosed with dementia, one of the first concerns that families and caregivers face is whether or not that person should continue driving.

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Reverse Mortgages: Time to trust?

29 June 2017

Reverse mortgages are government-insured loans also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs).

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