Money matters: Tips about taxes after retirement

By Joseph McManus, RICP®, Financial Planner, Prudential Advisors   Like most people, you’re likely focused on how to save money on your tax returns, but don’t...

Can young and old work together?

Put people of widely different ages together and there are bound to be differences. Baby boomers, for example, may be workaholics, while younger workers may demand more of a work-life balance.

Five steps to protect your 401(k) during market activity

It’s been a harrowing ride in the stock market lately. So much so that it’s prompted scores of investors to pull money out of the market and park it in bonds or other fixed-income assets.

Financial advice proves helpful for self-employed individuals planning for retirement

By Leslie Anderson, Contributing Writer REGION - Operating a successful business reflects long-held goals for many people. Working for oneself provides a certain satisfaction of...

Yes, you can still sell your home in a down market

The bright side of selling a home in a down market is you get to seek your own bargain if you’re going to buy after you’re done. Closing a sale, however, can be teeth-grindingly slow if you don’t do everything right — and maybe even if you do.

Reverse mortgages – good to be skeptical

By Alain Valles, CRMP No other loan product is wrapped in as much mystery and misinformation as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), more commonly...
Mike Festa

Become a volunteer advocate for AARP Massachusetts

By Mike Festa, State Director, AARP Massachusetts AARP Massachusetts has been hard at work building and training a special group of volunteers to join our...

It’s never too late to improve your financial future

If you are in your 50s or 60s, you most likely are at that stage of your life where college bills and mortgage payments, while perhaps not quite a thing of the past, are well on their way to being just that. You probably are not yet ready to retire, but for many it is closer than ever. Although people are living longer, however, the expenses of life are not declining. And, according to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), over 23 million older adults are economically insecure, either living at/below poverty or one financial crisis away.

Heirlooms’ value shifts from sentiment to cash

“Children don’t know what to do with all this stuff, and don’t have room for it, and just get to the point that they throw their hands up and say, ‘This has got to go.’ ”

Reverse Mortgages: What’s the buzz?

Reverse mortgages are a unique, government insured loan program that allows eligible homeowners 62 years old or older to access their home equity for immediate cash, a line of credit, a monthly check, or a combination of the three. In all cases, the homeowner has the right to never again make a monthly mortgage payment, as long as the real estate taxes and insurance are paid and other requirements are met.