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Five tips for singles to plan a secure retirement

Single people get left out of the picture a lot when it comes to retirement. Typically it’s smiling couples who are shown contemplating their sunset years in ads, brochures and magazines.

Older birthdays offer extra reasons to rejoice

Even if the candles don’t all fit on the cake, there’s extra reason to celebrate some key older birthdays in the post-meltdown economy.

Answers to pressing 401(k) questions

The stock market seems to have turned a corner and mutual funds are growing again. For 401(k) investors there’s an opportunity to regain some lost ground, but they’ll need to make some decisions. How do you make the right choices without taking on too much risk again?

More Roth IRA conversions allowed

In retirement, your paycheck might go away, but taxes won’t. Still your tax bill can be hard to predict. To have some control over how much you pay the government each year, you should have both taxable and non-taxable accounts from which to draw your retirement income.

What is elder law and how does it apply to families?

The National Elder Law Foundation defines elder law as “the legal practice of counseling and representing older persons or their representatives.” On its face the definition appears to be both simple and clear.