Cuba offers friendly people, faded beauty

Lying on a white sand beach at the edge of the turquoise sea, I could have been at any Caribbean destination.

For a day of fun consider…

Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant Website: Phone: 401-848-PLAY (7529)   Foxwoods Casino Resort Website: Phone: 800-369-9663   Boston Duck Tours Website: Phone: 617-267-3825   Kennebunkport, Maine – Kennebunk-Kennebunkport-Arundel Chamber of Commerce Website: Phone: 207-967-0857   Spirit...

Myrtle Beach is more than just golf

Myrtle also has history-rich towns, reminders of southern plantation life and intriguing cultural tidbits.

Finding fulfillment, giving back

“In the corporate world, it was about profits; now it’s time to do good,” Dan Suratt said. “I had a need for intellectual challenges and stimulation and a need for social interaction.

Aruba is the perfect winter getaway

An explosion of scarlet, purple and other vivid colors of lush tropical foliage sets off a gleaming white sand beach that rims the azure sea.

Autobiographical writing is good therapy

As people get older they’re dealing with a number of losses or new problems, illnesses, new ways of living … by writing about those things, people could express it.

Mayan culture meets resort Mecca

The legacy left by the Mayans included written language, magnificent architectural treasures, and sophisticated systems of astronomy and mathematics.

Study finds U.S. unable to fill housing needs of aging American

The need to adapt homes for the older years comes at a time high housing costs are already causing many Americans to cut back on necessary food or medications.

Martinique: French flair, Caribbean casual

At first glance, the setting is typical of France. A young boy saunters by carrying a long loaf of bread. Patrons at an outdoor café sip wine and speak in rapid French that defies my menu-level prowess.

Workers strive to bridge generation gap

A preconceived notion that younger workers have a sense of entitlement is exacerbating the gap.