Daydreamers, Inc.


By Janice Lindsay

One day, as I sat at a window, gazing toward the back yard – in other words, daydreaming – I suddenly saw: A great business opportunity!

We often hear that “thoughts have energy.” We know about the power of positive thinking. We send happy thoughts to friends and family far away. Whenever we have a thought, it’s released into the atmosphere and goes about its work, we don’t understand exactly how.

Daydreamer thoughts are unfocused, generated for no particular purpose. So somewhere out there, a great field of daydreamer-thought energy, sort of like an oil field, lies, waiting to be tapped, a natural resource for people who don’t have time to create their own thought energy. And there I sat, daydreaming, contributing all those random, unfocused thoughts to that valuable energy field – for free!

I’ve always done my best to uphold the fine tradition of expert daydreaming. I hurry through chores so that I’ll have plenty of time to daydream. “Daydream (noun): a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination.”

Talented daydreamers abound in history. For example, 10-year-old Louisa May Alcott wrote in her diary during the summer of 1843, which her family spent on an experimental Utopian farm, “After breakfast I washed dishes, and ran on the hill till nine and had some thoughts….”

Louisa May’s miscellaneous thoughts are probably still floating in that vast thought-energy field.

The world doesn’t consider daydreamer thoughts “productive,” because they don’t result in an actual product. I used to subscribe to that misconception myself. I see now that daydreamers create thought energy, and energy is worth money!

Lots of people scurry around doing stuff and have little time for thought. They can’t contribute to the thought-energy field, but they sometimes need to tap into it to come up with an idea. We daydreamers sit around creating the very energy they need.

Voila! Daydreamers, Inc.

Say you have a factory that makes gizmos. Your business lags because you haven’t created a new gizmo in a long time. Hire a daydreamer from Daydreamers, Inc.!

Our daydreamer sits in your place and daydreams, creating all this marvelous, valuable, unfocused thought energy, sometimes channeling some from that huge, ancient thought field. Busy employees can plug into that energy as they look for a new idea. It’s sort of like using electricity. When you want a piece of toast, you plug your toaster into an energy source. If you need thought energy, plug into Daydreamers, Inc.

Daydreamers, Inc., employees are not trained to solve problems. After all, what do they know about gizmos? And does the electric company care how you use their electricity?

Daydreamers, Inc. employees start with natural daydreaming talent and hone their skills at Daydreamer School. We teach them how not to accomplish anything, how not to focus, how not to concentrate, how not to manage things, and how not to set goals. Their job is simply to generate mental energy through “wishful creations of the imagination.” If your hired daydreamer slips up and accidentally invents your new gizmo, we will send her back to Daydreamer School for a refresher.

If you have no daydreaming space at your office or factory, you may hire one of our freelance daydreamers who work from home, daydreaming that they’re at your place. (“Don’t interrupt Mommy, she’s daydreaming.”)

Daydreamers have no mandatory retirement age. Most love their work and don’t choose to retire. However, daydreamers who do retire are usually looking for a refreshing change of pace. They become workaholics.