Is discretion truly the better part of valor?

I sat down recently with four card players. It turns out, only one was still driving. There seemed to be a common thread among the others – in all three cases, it seemed like they all had stories where driving had been taken away from them in a seemingly underhanded fashion. One lady recently moved back to Massachusetts from Florida. Her son told her to sell her car and they’d find her one up here. Well, conveniently, finding a new car has not become a priority.

How to avoid caregiver burnout

By Judith Boyko As Americans live longer and remain independent in their homes, responsibilities for caring for them fall on family members and friends. According...

Not always easy enforcing rules in housing community

By Marianne Delorey© I’ve been in property management for most of my adult life. It is a great job and one that has provided me...

Taking care of yourself critical for caregiver

Caregiving is such a small and innocent word for such a large and often stressful job.

Helping people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in case of emergency

People with dementia are especially vulnerable to chaos and emotional trauma. They have a limited ability to understand what is happening, and they may forget what they have been told about a particular disaster. First responders, neighbors and family members assisting with an evacuation should be alert to potential reactions of someone with dementia in disaster situations.

Tips for caregivers and seniors on safety issues in the home

By Angela Rocheleau One of the biggest challenges of aging at home independently is the threat of slips and falls in the home. There are...

Affordable housing lingo can be confusing

By Marianne Delorey Q: Oh, so you’re in affordable housing? Do you have LIHTC?  A: No, I have 236 with S8 overlay.  Q: Are you at 30...

Does my loved one have dementia, or not?

Dementia is the progressive deterioration in cognitive function — the ability to process thought (intelligence).

Common myths of aging

By Micha Shalev Like any form of bias, ageism has led many of us to make false assumptions about seniors. Many of these myths may...

Your kidneys and you: How to stay healthy

By Judith Boyko Many of us don’t pay much attention to our kidneys — until we have to. Our kidneys, according to The American Kidney...