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New help to pay for long-term Care

The new health care reform law introduces a new type of voluntary long-term care insurance to help individuals remain in their homes if they become disabled or sick.

New coverage for uninsured people has early launch

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will begin accepting applications in many states on July 1, with coverage available as early as Aug. 1, an administration official said June 30.

Loss of fed. $ means Bay State seniors, caregivers will suffer

“Our vulnerable residents should not be bearing the brunt of budget cut after cut – especially in tough economic times.” — Jessica Costantino, AARP Massachusetts

Robert Butler, who coined ‘ageism,’ dies at 83

“Everyone should be thoughtful about their future. Everyone should have a health bank, a longevity fund,” said Butler, during a 2000 interview with Fifty Plus Advocate Executive Editor, Sondra Shapiro

Ambitious timetable for electronic medical records

The Obama administration rolled out an ambitious five-year plan for moving doctors and hospitals to computerized medical records, promising greater safety for patients and lower costs.

Retirement savings likely to run out sooner

A third of middle-income workers probably will run out of money after 20 years of retirement and significantly more lower-income workers will deplete their savings after 10 years.

Labor officials release new rules on 401(k) fees

Workers with a 401(k) retirement account will soon know exactly how much they’re paying in fees.

Timeline shows when major changes take place in health law

“By finding out about what’s in the new law and when the various provisions go into effect, you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family,” said Deborah Banda.

State considers Silver Alert Response System

The legislation would create a new silver alert community response system, which would be used to alert public safety departments and private safety departments, when an adult with serious memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia is reported to a police department as a missing person.

Local woman left in recliner dies on 81st birthday

Five family members who lived with her face various elderly abuse charges and could see upgraded charges.