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Feds start clock ticking with new plan to fight Alzheimer’s

By Lauran Neergaard WASHINGTON — The clock is ticking: The first National Alzheimer’s Plan sets a deadline of 2025 to finally find effective ways to treat,...

Secretary of Elder Affairs discusses resources available to support elders’ mental health needs

Boston – According to the Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA), Massachusetts is projected to have 1,178,852 residents over the age of 65 by the year 2020. As such, the department oversees program designed to provide support services, information, options counseling, and education/training to assist older adults in making decisions about things such as healthcare, housing, jobs, nutrition and the next stage of their lives.

New help to pay for long-term Care

The new health care reform law introduces a new type of voluntary long-term care insurance to help individuals remain in their homes if they become disabled or sick.

Ryan’s Medicare plan would be tricky to pull off

WASHINGTON— The idea behind Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan is to slow growing costs and keep the program more affordable for the long haul. But it’s all...

What fiscal cliff means for Massachusetts seniors

BOSTON — With the Dec. 31 deadline to address expiring tax and spending cuts looming, many people across the nation and here in Massachusetts are...

Congress puts off cuts to doctor Medicare payments

The House, in approving by voice vote the bill passed by the Senate earlier this month, postponed a 23 percent cut in doctors’ pay scheduled to take effect Dec. 1. That gives lawmakers a month to come up with a longer-term plan to overhaul a system that in recent years has bedeviled Congress, angered doctors and jeopardized health care for 46 million elderly and disabled.

Sens. propose spending cap affecting Soc. Sec., Medicare

Social Security, Medicare and virtually every other federal program would face the budget ax under legislation unveiled Tuesday aimed at forcing Congress to dramatically cut spending over the coming decade.

Medicare Advantage enrollment deadline looms

By Tom Murphy Millions of Medicare Advantage customers are fast approaching a deadline for a task they’d rather avoid: Researching and then settling on coverage...

Chronic care overhaul proposed for Medicare

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
 WASHINGTON — It’s a familiar problem for families with an elder trying to cope with chronic health conditions: Doctors don’t talk to each other,...

Mantalk at the Worcester JCC needs a few good men

Worcester - Every Tuesday morning from 7:30-9 a.m. at the Worcester Jewish Community Center (JCC), a group of senior men meet for breakfast, to catch up on the current events, and maybe solve a trivia puzzle. Then at 9 a.m. sharp, it’s time for Mantalk, facilitated by Nancy Greenberg, the JCC’s senior adult/cultural arts director.