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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sorting when early memory loss signals big threat

Doctors can’t tell if Leif Utoft Bollesen’s mild memory loss will remain an annoyance or worsen, but experimental checks of the Minnesota man’s aging brain may offer clues.

Retirement savings likely to run out sooner

A third of middle-income workers probably will run out of money after 20 years of retirement and significantly more lower-income workers will deplete their savings after 10 years.

Task force urges bone-density tests for more women

By Stephanie Nano NEW YORK — Routine screening for osteoporosis should include all younger postmenopausal women who have at least the same chance of a...

Soaring generic drug prices draw Senate scrutiny

By Matthew Perrone WASHINGTON — Some low-cost generic drugs that have helped restrain health care costs for decades are seeing unexpected price spikes of up to...

SHINE helps seniors, disabled with Medicare issues and questions

The SHINE Program (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) is a Massachusetts health insurance assistance program providing health insurance information, counseling and assistance to Massachusetts residents with Medicare and their caregivers. It is administered by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs along with elder service agencies, social service and community based agencies, and Councils on Aging. The program is partially funded by the federal agency Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Obama pivots, eyes Medicare changes, tax increases

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama coupled a call for $4 trillion in long-term deficit reductions with a blistering attack on Republican plans for taxes,...

Poll: Vast support for new health care effort

By Mark Sherman WASHINGTON — Americans overwhelmingly want the president and Congress to get to work on a new bill to change the health care system...

High court has options on health care law

By Mark Sherman and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
 WASHINGTON — The arguments are done and the case has been submitted, as Chief Justice John Roberts says at the end...

Republican plan would hike Medicare premiums

Raising taxes on millionaires may be a non-starter for Republicans, but they seem to have no problem hiking Medicare premiums for retirees making a...

AARP launches campaign to preserve health and retirement security

Washington, DC, May 4 — With the national debate heating up on raising the debt ceiling, today AARP launched a new campaign to fight proposals...