Former Boston broadcast journalist now trains others to be top communicators


By Peg Lopata, Contributing Writer

Liz Brunner is well-known from her days as a news co-anchor on Boston’s WCVB NewsCenter 5.
Liz Brunner is well-known from her days as a news co-anchor on Boston’s WCVB NewsCenter 5.

BOSTON – You could say Liz Brunner was born under a lucky star. But for some people, there’s no such thing―you make your own luck. Brunner’s a good example of a person who’s made her own luck. She may have had the blessings of good health and good looks, and trail-blazing women in her family tree―but the life she’s made for herself is the result of perseverance, hard work, and a strong sense of agency.  

Broadcast journalism career

Many know of Brunner from her days co-anchoring the news on TV on Boston’s WCVB NewsCenter 5. But what has made Liz tick, from her childhood in Hawaii to now, is her desire to always seek out opportunities to best use her gifts and learn, learn, learn. In all the steps of her life, she took to heart her maternal grandmother Dr. Dorothy Dunning Chacko’s saying, “No knowledge is every wasted.” 

Being comfortable presenting oneself has also been key to Brunner’s successes. Then, whenever opportunity came knocking, she always pursued learning more than just what’s required, whether as a vocal performer, music teacher, retail worker, journalist―and now.  

Though she had to endure slings and arrows in childhood for her mixed racial heritage and later from the colleagues in the newsroom for lacking a journalism degree, she has always persevered. In the newsroom, she learned the ropes and climbed them well. No surprise it wasn’t long before she was co-anchoring an award-winning news show in a major city and becoming an award-winning journalist herself.

Next chapter

Not one to rest on her laurels, at age 54, Brunner finished her 28-year career in broadcast journalism and launched her own multi-dimensional company, Brunner Communications. She describes her company as a “full-service communications training, coaching and consulting company, because I do more than just media training. I work a lot with clients on their executive presence, presentation skills, storytelling, messaging, leadership and so much more,” she said.

Having presence, understanding the media, getting out your message, being a strong leader.  Who better than Brunner to help you grow these qualities in yourself?

Inspiration is contagious

Brunner has more than just agency, talents and skills. She absorbs inspiration. Interviewing highly accomplished people such as Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama was more than just a feather in her cap. These people inspired Brunner to be the best at what she does too. She took from these interviews and the many others she’s done in her long career as a newswoman an important lesson. There are countless inspiring stories because there are countless inspiring people. So that means you can be an inspiration to others too. 

Interviewing people continues to be an important part of what Brunner loves to do. This is the basis for her current podcast “Live your Best Life.”  

“I want listeners to hear stories,” she said, “that will inspire them and motivate them to think: ‘If that person can create a next chapter or rise above life’s challenges, maybe I can too.’ ”

Using the best tools

In her post-broadcast journalism career, Brunner is an author and communications consultant. Photo/Submitted
In her post-broadcast journalism career, Brunner is an author and communications consultant.

Brunner’s book, “Dare to Own You: Taking Your Authenticity and Dreams Into Your Next Chapter” is not only a memoir―and she’s got a unique story to tell―but, most importantly, a practical guide. But it’s not dry and rote steps―she’s wants readers to allow themselves to dream.  

“Give yourself permission to dare to own who you are,“ Brunner affirmed. “Become your best authentic selves so you can turn your dreams into your next chapters.”

Whether it’s her popular public speaking course, “How to be a Rock Star Public Speaker,” or other courses offered by Brunner Academy, Brunner’s goal is to help others find success. That’s her sweet spot. 

“I see the growth, the success in my clients often before they do,” Brunner is happy to report.  “But when they see it?  It’s the best feeling in the world.”

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