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Technological advances in lens implants

Until recently, choices in cataract surgery were simple. The cloudy lens or cataract was removed during surgery. Decades ago there was no such thing as an intraocular lens.

What you need to know about the new Health Care Reform law

By Deborah E. Banda Since national health care reform has been signed into law, have you figured out yet what you need to know? AARP...

Don’t let the state pass the elderly imprisonment bill of 2010

No one should be forced to enroll in a health plan they did not freely choose to join.

Avoiding the painkiller-overuse rut in migraines

Those pain pills you think help your migraines? Take too many and you could make them worse.

Oral health and missing teeth linked to your wellbeing

Some researchers believe that inflammation in your mouth is linked to other health problems in the rest of your body.

Important Information for People in Medicare

Health Care Reform & You: More than one million Massachusetts residents rely on Medicare. The new health care reform law guarantees that existing, basic Medicare benefits will not change, for both traditional Medicare and private Medicare Advantage.

How to get rid of those droopy eyelids

When we are in our twenties, our upper and lower eyelids look perfect. No one ever noticed droopy upper lids or puffy bags under our lids in our youth.

Weightlifting helps breast cancer survivors

For decades, many doctors warned that lifting weights or even heavy groceries could cause painful arm swelling.

Arteries improve after smokers quit, study finds

Quitting smoking can turn back time.

State adds 5-year freeze on nursing home construction

By Al Norman Don’t expect to see any new nursing homes built in Massachusetts in the near future. That’s the word from the Massachusetts Public Health...