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Organization says ‘Retirement age’ may become a thing of the past

Region - The labor participation rate of older Americans is increasing for a variety of reasons. The National Council on Aging  reports that one in five...
Marianne Delorey, Ph.D.

It is better to give than receive

By Marianne Delorey (Photo Marianne Delorey, Photo submitted) “If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa This is the story of Benny....
Marianne Delorey, Ph.D.

With or without you

By Marianne Delorey Dearest Relative, I recently mentioned my worries about you living in that big, old house with the stairs. You made it clear you...

Home within a home as families live together longer

The number of so-called multi-generational households — where adults are living with their elderly parents or grown children — has jumped since the Great Recession forced Americans to rethink living on their own.

There is no ‘I’ in team

Over the summer, I play softball with a bunch of other women in my town. I am older than and not as nimble as my younger teammates. Even if I were, I’ve never been particularly athletic. But, they let me play and I enjoy my time on the field. Granted, I am always a bit worried that I am going to mess up, but even when I do, someone is there to back me up and we keep playing. I am part of a team. That is what teammates do.