Moving on

Let’s face it, moving is hard for anyone. For an elder, especially one leaving their family home, moving involves extraordinary courage, a financial commitment, and a lot of hard work. Not everyone gets to plan their move, but great things happen when they are able to be part of the process. Here are a few of my favorite stories about the people who have done this.

Best time to sell a house is sooner rather than later

By David J. Dowd The best time to sell a house can be a financial or lifestyle decision. A common phrase is, “I wish I...

There is no ‘I’ in team

Over the summer, I play softball with a bunch of other women in my town. I am older than and not as nimble as my younger teammates. Even if I were, I’ve never been particularly athletic. But, they let me play and I enjoy my time on the field. Granted, I am always a bit worried that I am going to mess up, but even when I do, someone is there to back me up and we keep playing. I am part of a team. That is what teammates do.

Good fences make good neighbors

Robert Frost once wrote a poem called “Mending Wall” in which the property line between neighbors brings them together and yet keeps them apart. This seeming contradiction is seen every day in elder housing. The best neighbors come together in times of need, but are aware of their own limits, or boundaries in the relationship.

If not grace…

I think often of what it means to age gracefully. Of the hundreds of elders I have met, I am most awed by those who make aging well seem so easy. One of my role models is Janice. Janice puts herself together every day. Her outfit is matched and her hair is coiffed. She is the quintessential lady. She doesn't have an unkind word for anyone. She is upbeat and forward-thinking. She is sharp as a tack and attentive and engaging in conversation. This month she turns 105 years old.

Back in my day

By Marianne Delorey “Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth.”  – J.K. Rowling Tension between the generations is natural. Even young toddlers need to...