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What to fix and what not to fix when selling a home

By David J. Dowd When it’s time to sell a home, one of the hardest decisions is what to fix or repair. In order to...

Is discretion truly the better part of valor?

I sat down recently with four card players. It turns out, only one was still driving. There seemed to be a common thread among the others – in all three cases, it seemed like they all had stories where driving had been taken away from them in a seemingly underhanded fashion. One lady recently moved back to Massachusetts from Florida. Her son told her to sell her car and they’d find her one up here. Well, conveniently, finding a new car has not become a priority.

Those who humble themselves will be exalted

By Marianne Delorey A large part of our success in aging well has to do with how we cope with changes in our bodies.  All...

If not grace…

I think often of what it means to age gracefully. Of the hundreds of elders I have met, I am most awed by those who make aging well seem so easy. One of my role models is Janice. Janice puts herself together every day. Her outfit is matched and her hair is coiffed. She is the quintessential lady. She doesn't have an unkind word for anyone. She is upbeat and forward-thinking. She is sharp as a tack and attentive and engaging in conversation. This month she turns 105 years old.

Couple finds love late in life at a senior complex

By Marianne Delorey I am a closet romantic. Yet, it is not young love that makes my heart quiver. I look at young people in love...

Tips on how to downsize your home

By David J. Dowd Moving to a smaller space can be stressful, emotional and time consuming. It’s no secret we tend to accumulate items over...

Going smoke free in senior housing has legal support

By Marianne Delorey© “Due to state laws, the restaurant was nonsmoking, which as a nonsmoker pleases me, but as a Libertarian it pisses me off....

Do good. Then do better.

While in college I worked at a nursing home where I met Mary. Mary had severe dementia and was combative. One day while trying to bring her to the commode, she punched me. Hard. With both fists. In the kidneys. I saw stars. Cathy was another resident who would lash out. Cathy did not honor social envelopes nor did she know when enough was enough. She would interrupt me without thinking and would talk for hours if left unchecked. Sometimes, if she felt she was being ignored, she would get in my face and say some pretty unkind things.

Movies and the elderly

In 1985, a comic first appeared that proposed one way to judge a film. The Bechdel Test is a simple measure about a movie’s inclusion of female characters. The test asks: 1) Does the movie have at least two women in it? 2) Do they talk to each other? and 3) Does their conversation touch on anything other than a man? Because the Oscars are coming up, this article focuses on creating a similar way to rate how elder-friendly a movie is. Because of the length and breadth of her career, I am calling this the Betty White Movie scale.

Best time to sell a house is sooner rather than later

By David J. Dowd The best time to sell a house can be a financial or lifestyle decision. A common phrase is, “I wish I...
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