Bedrooms used for multi-purposes

We’re told a well-designed master bedroom should be an oasis of romantic calm. It may also be where you watch television, pay bills and even set up a home office.

Home decor trends: Personal expression rules

Whisper-soft, ultra-pale shades of pink — described by designers as “blush tones” — are back. But the ’80s haven’t returned, at least not entirely, said designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

Mother Nature meets modern decor

Moth-wing light fixtures? Thunderhead wallpaper? If you’re an armchair naturalist, you’ll love one of this year’s big home decor trends. The designs, translated into wall decor and furnishings, range from startling to serene.

Simple steps make home cozy, cost-efficient

Can you keep your home warm and inviting all winter while still conserving energy?

Downsizers: Get the most out of smaller spaces

Often the need to get more use out of a space arises when an elderly parent joins the household or a grown child returns home.

Leasing solar a cost-saving option

Increasing numbers of U.S. homeowners are relying on the sun to meet much of their hot water and electricity needs.

Fall decor forecast: eclectic, with personality

Mixing and matching has become a trend in itself. And this trend’s more liberating than limiting.

Decorating a second home on a budget

Second homes, designed for relaxation, are often decorated with hand-me-down furniture and other cast-offs from the owner’s main living space.

Summer can inspire decor all year

The sun-drenched colors and inviting textures of summer provide plenty of decorating ideas. The trick is doing it right.

Economic design tips for outdoor spaces

When arranging furniture, consider the view: If the home’s exterior is more attractive than the outdoor view, consider positioning seats so that you’ll face your home rather than looking away from it.