Notifications from Alexa Together provide assurance that an elderly person is going about their typical daily routine. Photo/Courtesy of

Alexa Together is next generation of remote assistance for older adults

By Brett Peruzzi, Managing Editor REGION - Alexa, the voice-activated digital assistant from Amazon that is present already in so many homes, is now the...
Three bills before the Massachusetts state legislature provide tax credits for incurred costs by family caregivers.

Tax credits possible for family caregivers

By R.R. Fletcher, Contributing Writer BOSTON - Family caregivers are a vital but largely unrecognized component of long-term health care. However, that may be changing. Currently,...
Navigating through the maze of caregiver agencies is time consuming and tough for the patient and his or her family. Start things off right by being organized

Do your homework before choosing a caregiver agency

By Janice Elizabeth Berte, Contributing Writer  REGION - When an individual or family decides to seek out caregiving services, they must ask themselves many questions....
Unusual among area senior living communities, New Horizons at Marlborough features a heated indoor lap swimming pool that residents and their families use for recreation and exercise, including “watercise” classes. Photo/Submitted

Woburn’s Cummings Foundation supports older adults in a variety of ways

By Peg Lopata, Contributing Writer WOBURN - Bill and Joyce Cummings of Winchester began making donations, many to organizations dedicated to elders, a long time...
68% of family caregivers provide financial support to a loved one.

10 important financial tips for caregivers

By R. R. Fletcher, Contributing Writer REGION - Americans spend roughly $190 billion per year on their care recipients for out-of-pocket expenses. Closer to home, according to AARP, over...
Many older adults over 50 care for both aging parents and children.

Sleep loss puts family caregivers at risk for health problems of their own

By R. R. Fletcher, Contributing Writer REGION - Nicknamed the "sandwich generation," many older adults over 50 care for both aging parents and children. Caregivers...
Grooming a horse is one of the components of an equine therapy program at Windrush Farm that engages people living with dementia.

I’m Still Here engages, gives hope to people living with dementia

By Susan Gonsalves, Contributing Writer WINCHESTER – In the news, dementia is typically presented as a disease that robs you of yourself and makes you...
With some help from loved ones and professionals, people can determine the best home care option for their families.

The challenge of finding the right home care services

By Leslie Anderson, Contributing Writer REGION - Home is a place like no other. It is the place where a person’s life foundation is constructed....

Boston-based ‘friendship’ organization helps older adults avoid social isolation

By April McQueen, Contributing Writer BOSTON - At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people of all ages suffered from isolation because of lockdown restrictions,...
Mike Festa

AARP Research Shows Family Caregivers Face Significant Financial Strain

Family Caregivers Spend on Average $7,242 Each Year By Mike Festa, State Director AARP Massachusetts New research from AARP shows that nearly 8 in 10 of...