We’re Not In Bedrock and You’re Not with ‘The Flintstones’

Dennis Sullivan & Associates team
Dennis Sullivan & Associates team

By Dennis Sullivan & Associates, Counselors at Law

You may recall the popular television show of the 1960’s “The Flintstones” who lived in the town of Bedrock. It happened to be the first-ever primetime cartoon show. Here, Fred’s biggest concerns were staying on the good side of his wife Wilma and avoiding getting tackled by his pet dinosaur Dino when he came through the door. Today, however, life in this COVID-19 world isn’t as simple.

The word “Bedrock” also means strength. Being strong is something we all want to achieve. One way of getting there is to view your life in three facets such as depicted on a pyramid. The pyramid, as we view it, represents our health, finances, and legacy. Beneath this pyramid is the bedrock of our core values: the fundamental beliefs we hold dear. These guiding principles dictate our behavior and help us know the difference between right and wrong. Ideally, we share our core values with our loved ones. However, during this past year, core values have sometimes taken a back seat to the topsy-turvy COVID-19 landscape. Principals and beliefs, while still important, can get lost in the mere challenge of navigating through COVID-19 restrictions, sickness, and turmoil. Likewise, career, finances, relationships, and yes, our mental and physical well-being in general have been jumbled. Worry and fear have become the norm for many. Are you one of the many who have suffered through sleepless nights?

Nevertheless, beneath all of this, you still have your bedrock of core values. This is where we can help in making sure you stay on a straight path in your health, financial and legacy pyramid, despite all you have been through. 

As we enter the second year of COVID-19, we’re here to help you explore and share your core values with loved ones. We offer unique discovery counseling opportunities with proven health, life, disability, estate, and asset protection planning processes to help guide you successfully through the COVID-19 landscape and other challenges you and your family may face. This is achieved through our new proprietary, peace of mind, Legacy Planning System. It protects you for life, and most importantly passes on your core values and legacy for generations that follow. As you document your core values, you will uncover what’s most important to pass on to those who follow in your footsteps for generations to come. Your legacy can be a fantastic legacy to pass along! It is prudent, today more than ever, to protect your health, home, spouse, family, life savings, and legacy. In these continued times of COVID-19, you owe it to yourself and those you hold dear. Don’t let this Bedrock opportunity pass you by!

Book a FREE online discovery session today. You’ll discover why 90% of all trust and estate plans fail as well as what you can do to protect your health, home, spouse, family, legacy, and life savings. Call 800-964-4295 NOW or visit www.DSullivan.com to register for a Free Discovery Session! You will even qualify to receive up to $2,475 in valuable benefits to update your trust and estate plans for the new COVID-19 world and build your own value-based legacy to guide future generations.

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