Living with a lighter heart


Tips to get the most out of life – even during the coronavirus


By Deborah Burke Henderson, Contributing Writer

Cheryl Melody Baskin

Some might call Cheryl Melody Baskin an inspiration or a consummate dreamer. She is both. Compassionate and heart-centered, Melody is passionate about many things. Through her words, music and messages she helps others discover their dreams, tap into their creative flow and find a greater light within than they might see themselves. 

Even as an introspective young girl, Baskin knew she preferred to go deep in a conversation, straight to the heart. A physician, philosopher, poet and family friend validated and supported her introspective nature and desire to write, sing, create and dream. In what would be a transformative conversation, he encouraged Melody to “create her own imprint and share her gifts with the world as a spiritual thank you for the gifts she had been given.”

“I encourage others to believe in all of who they can be and are,” Baskin said, adding, “we are all perfectly-imperfect. We all have the same insecurities, but I know how to create positive affirmations to offset my negative critic, and I enjoy teaching others how to create power words to strengthen their self-belief and self-esteem, too.”

Baskin lives in Hopkinton, but her presence and intuitive guidance is experienced and appreciated all over the globe. She is the leader and founder of “Shift of Heart,” a growing online Facebook community of nearly 800; author of two self-help books and a three-act musical children’s play with life-changing messages for every generation. 

She offers stream of consciousness video life coaching on specific themes to people from 18 to 85 who participate in her Shift of Heart community, teaches the key to creating and embracing positive affirmations, shares words of encouragement and asks open-ended questions to help participants get in touch with their strongest, innermost knowing. 

Through Facebook Messenger, members may ask for individual assistance, which she offers lovingly.

“I help people become calmer, clearly focused and more in a state of self-belief,” Baskin added.

She never wants people to think of her as their “guru” but to understand that the answers lie within each of us. Baskin is simply there to love, guide, coach and help people feel less alone in the world.

At 73, Baskin implores others to stay curious about life and about themselves, to rediscover that inner, child-like wonder and identify their special gifts. She acknowledges that even if those gifts are not perfect, they still reflect one’s special brand, personality and heart.

“Make a list of your gifts and say YES to the universe. Just go for it,” Baskin recommended.

In her most recently published book, Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams – No Matter What, Baskin offers readers permission to daydream (at least ten minutes a day, please!) and focuses on the importance of inner work and what she calls “healing from the inside-out.”

That work includes the power of visualization, welcoming your creative muse, setting goals and actionable steps, exploring experiential activities such as journal writing and getting back in touch with your inner child. At the conclusion of each chapter, she shares her own life wisdom and that of her Shift of Heart community.

After a career teaching music to children, Baskin suddenly found herself a multibook author, songwriter and performing artist – because she listened to her intuitive voice.

Her writings and music offer messages of hope and inspiration; courage, peace and love. 

Found on Amazon Music, Apple Music, CD Baby or iTunes, her now nine award-winning albums include: “Listen to the Whispers” (chants, songs and stories with positive affirmations); “Lullabies of Love” (soothing songs to tap into and love one’s inner child); “Voice of the Angels” (meditative songs and a guided imagery) and “Celebrate” (songs with themes on inner and outer peace), among others.

Baskin believes in her heart of hearts that we are all connected, and that peace is possible, one loving person at a time. She also believes in hope and feels that every small moment of personal healing, compassion, love and forgiveness helps create a positive resonance that actively vibrates love into our beautiful planet.

“With everything that’s going on in the world right now, we need hope more than ever,” Baskin added. “Remember to embrace the healing power of nature and strive to rediscover your own creativity and share those gifts openly. We must all walk the path of love.”

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