Dementia information at your fingertips


To the Editor:

I just dropped my 91-year-old father and his wife off at Logan Airport. They live outside of LA, and were visiting here for a week.  My father has clearly deteriorated both physically and mentally with increased dementia since I visited him several months ago.  He’s still able to regale his grandsons with his WWII experiences and Las Vegas mafia and celebrity stories from the 50s & 60s as the maitre d’ of the Riviera Hotel.  However, his short term memory is severely lacking.

Driving to Logan, we got stuck in traffic for an extra 30 minutes. In the hour and a half it took us to get to the airport he asked us 15+ times what time his flight was taking off and would we make it on time.  I tried my best to be as patient with him as I could for the entire week he was with us.  It wasn’t easy.

My family is in turmoil over his rapid decline and determining the care that would be best suited for him.

I came home and went on your website, to begin my education into all aspects of dementia and caregiving.  Within 40 minutes, I found a wealth of informative articles written by Micha Shalev, owner of Dodge Park Rest Home, that I could immediately send to my siblings and my father’s wife.  Micha’s detailed research, enlightening information and tips to help people with all forms of dementia saved me hours of scouring for other sources.

Thank you and Micha Shalev!

Donna Davis