How to choose a hospice residence


By Angela Penny

When a loved-one enters hospice, it is a very difficult time for everyone because it is the end of a life-journey.

Often, end of life care is provided at home by family members, with a hospice team visiting the family throughout the week.

At times this becomes a hardship, physically and emotionally, for a family. Families want to spend more quality time with their loved one and not be the caregiver. It is the most important time to be the wife, husband, daughter, son or friend. It is a time to reminisce, hug, laugh and love.

This is when a hospice residence can assist a patient and their loved ones. A hospice residence provides professional caregivers so that a family can spend quality time with their loved one at the end of life’s journey.

Depending on the hospice residence, the family might be able to have the same nursing staff provide services.

When considering a hospice residence, ask what outside providers it is in partnership with and whether these people can see patients at the residence. Will the same nurse, CNA and pastor that saw you or your loved one in your home be able to follow and provide care at the hospice residence?

Also ask about accommodations for family. Are there cots? Beds? What types of private areas are there for families? Lastly, go for a tour or see if the hospice residence provides for a virtual tour online. This may help when making your decision.

Angela Penny, COTA, is director of admissions & marketing for Ichabod Washburn Hospice Residence, 1183 Main St., Worcester, MA and Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (a non-profit community owned and managed healthcare facility) located at 300 Barber Ave., Worcester. She can be reached at 508-341-7170 (mobile) or visit