No color’s too bold for decor

What if you’re a fan of vivid orange, lime green or a luscious shade of lavender? These colors can be tricky to use successfully in decor. But you don’t need to avoid them.

New nostalgia: home decor with a retro vibe

The imagery and decor elements draw baby boomers back to what might feel like simpler, more innocent days. Think vintage-style advertising and artwork.

Decorating touches help spruce up vacation homes

From airy beach houses filled with light to rustic retreats tucked into the mountains, vacation homes can lead to inspired decorating.

Fall 2014 home decor: An ensemble production

Look for texture-rich accessories — like a box with stone inlay or a wooden sculpture — that add an element of nature to your space. Mix in a variety of metals to add a sense of luxury.

Cooking up a color-happy kitchen

Pastel greens, blues, creams and peaches reigned until the early 1930s, when casual, built-in eating areas were painted Kelly green, red and even black.

Decorating with plants back in vogue

Though your garden is filling in, you can also add beauty and fragrance to your home by decorating with lush plants and potted trees.

‘Going faux’ can transform a home’s style

Other “faux” features to consider include ceiling decals that look like parts of elaborate chandeliers, cabinetry embellishments and painted wainscoting.

Bright ideas for outdoor furniture

Aimee Beatty, in-house stylist at Pier 1, said lively outdoor pieces give people a way to make a statement: “Incorporating pops of color with furniture and accessories adds personality and flare.”

Spring decorating trends

Think ballet- and watercolor-inspired pastels; soft fabrics and sheer window treatments; and curvy furniture, often in traditional shapes but updated with modern fabrics and pattern.

Tips will help flea-market shoppers

Shoppers will hunt for treasures amid acres of used goods. A few will come home with just the right vintage art or quirky piece of furniture to make their home more beautiful.